Atlanta Rod’s conversion of AASHTO and ASTM specifications. M, A36, Standard Specification for Carbon Structural Steel. M, F, Standard. tally curved bridges, see the current AASHTO Guide. Specifications c M Grade 36 and A Grade 36 are equivalent to M and A M Grade. AASHTO materials standards consist of a single letter indicating the standard Burlap Cloth Made from Jute or Kenaf and Cotton Mats. Active. M

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W Beam Guardrail and Guardrail Post for Road Project

For more information on the above specifications, or on specifications not listed here, please visit the Portland Bolt website. Nondestructive evaluation of green lumber using stress wave and transverse vibration techniques Bidigalu, G. Adhesive bonding of pultruded fiber-reinforced plastic to wood Davalos, J.

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Ciphers stress-laminated deck bridge KB. A Laboratory Study 2 MB. Crossings, Issue k183 5 MB. Smart timber bridges for in-situ evaluation Kainz, J. Effect of cold temperatures on stress-laminated timber decks 93 KB Aashhto, J.


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Determining the length of timber piles in transportation structures 80 KB. Efficient utilization of red maple lumber in glued-laminated timber beams KB. Development of six-year research needs assessment for timber transportation structures KB.


Crossings, Issue 7 4 MB. Deadman Anchoring Guide Prellwitz, R. Proof loading m1833 timber bridges 33 KB. Crossings, Issue 5 3 MB. Crossings, Issue 15 4 MB. Modeling and Performance KB. Research update 52 KB. Hardwoods for Timber Bridges: Hardwoods in the Coming Decade 3 MB. Static behavior of glued laminated stringer bridges Bahri, S.

Mechanical properties of red maple structural Green, D. Performance of steel, concrete, prestressed concrete and timber bridges KB.

W Beam Guardrail with Guardrail Post and Spacer Block for India Road Project

Load rating of single span, glulam beam bridges using two computer applications KB Groenier, J. Methods for assessing the field performance of stress-laminated timber bridges 67 KB Geske, E. Efficient use of red oak for glued-laminated beams KB. Crossings, Issue 44 KB. Maintenance practices for wood bridges 22 KB. aaahto


AASHTO vs. ASTM – – Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing

Performance level 2 and test level 4 bridge railings for timber decks KB. Analysis of research needs and goals KB. Behavior of stress-laminated parallel-chord timber bridge decks Dimakis, A. Load and resistance factor design code for wood bridges KB. In-place detection of decay in timber bridges — An application of stress wave technology KB Falk, R.

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Evaluation of a micro-drilling resistance tool 1 MB. Analytical modeling and preprocessor development of stress-laminated timber deck bridges Jain, S.

Recent research on shear strength in wood beams KB. Research update 52 KB Duwadi, S.