n 20 Pin Molded Chip Carrier Package (ADC only) n Surface-Mount Package. Key Specifications n Resolution. 8 Bits n Total Unadjusted Error. ±1⁄2 LSB. ADC datasheet, ADC pdf, ADC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Micro Linear, Serial I/O 8-Bit A/D Converters with Multiplexer Options. ADC datasheet, ADC circuit, ADC data sheet: NSC – 8-Bit Serial I/ O A/D Converters with Multiplexer Options,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet.

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As far adc08338 I can see I have configured my protocols as per the datasheet http: Fanks a lot, Glenn Here is my very simple code: Hasn’t rectified the problem though.

Only the clock and the databits. My code does set the chip select low, transfers data and then sets chip select high again?

Результаты поиска для ADC0838

I see now that I had an extra SS LOW statement that doesn’t do anything, but regardless the sequence looks right to me? Sorry, I see now.


The only way to see if it works is to grab an Arduino board and a ADCx and upload your sketch. Or you can search this forum to see more problems with simulations and how often that fails.

ADC datasheet, ADC datasheets, manuals for ADC electornic semiconductor part

So this could well just be a datashset with the simulation? I’ll breadboard it and let you know. Riva Faraday Member Posts: Not tested as I don’t have an ADC but check comments in the code. Don’t PM me for help as I will ignore it.

Having problems reading data from an ADCx chip using SPI

So if I set the Master Out high, it will set one of the channels. I can move that to the setup I suppose.

I’m sending an ‘a’ just to shift the data out at the other end. Sorry if this caused any confusion. And finally, I changed the input parameter to just byte but this hasn’t fixed it.


Ie, a binary value of is read in each time?

Thanks for you help, Glenn. Did you see this for the ADCn: Thank you for that link Peter. Would this likely be a factor when using a simulation model? I wouldn’t of thought it would be but maybe.

If not i’ll scrap the simulation and buy some chips.

Ha, okay i’ll let you know how I get on.