This instruction implements Air Force Policy Directive , .. addressed in 59 MDWI , Infection Prevention and Control Program. (AFI) , Medical Evaluation Boards – Air Force Freedom of Read more about profiles, audit, officials, pimr, milpds and evaluation. Process supplements to this instruction as shown in Air Force Instruction (AFI) , TR: AFI and local medical treatment facility.

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No Interval Medical History Statement. Mild see paragraph A7. Aeromedical issues will be addressed when and if the member requests return to active flying status at a later date. Initial rated flying or Initial non-rated flying. When required for medical retraining, document in the remarks section the final revised profile PULHES of the medical condition s along with any restrictions, even though the member is on a 4T due to the ALC-C action.

A projected medical hold release date 6. If the break is less than rorce months, the local flight surgeon clears the member for flying duty. Validity same as above. Separation is involuntary, or is voluntary in lieu of trial by court martial, or retirement in lieu of involuntary administrative separation. Members with medical conditions which render questionable their medical qualifications for continued worldwide duty are evaluated for fitness for duty.

Successful correction of valvular pulmonic stenosis with balloon valvuloplasty may be waiverable, but MEB processing should precede the procedure. This chapter implements DoD Directive A difference of 4 mmHg or greater between right and left eyes. Paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation.


A bar indicates revision from the previous edition.

Transmit reports of medical examination and supporting documents that contain sensitive medical data in sealed envelopes labeled “Sensitive Medical Information” and “To be opened by Medical Personnel only. Reviews all appeal cases of ARC members who are pending separation for a non-duty related impairment or condition.

Physical Fitness: Air Force Physical Fitness Afi

A minimum of 5 days, twice daily, blood pressures under specified therapy are required for the record. Ensures timely scheduling and appropriate completion of required examinations and consultations. Evaluation of Head Injury. ARC members complete AF Form within 12 months of the date of last medical certificate for those years in which a medical examination is not required.

Changes in Flight Status.

AFI 44-157

Periodic clearances when superseded or expired. A member who has a chronic and stable condition which imposes physical restrictions but does not preclude worldwide duty assignment, deployability, mobility, or fitness testing a AF Form can be processed without an expiration date, referred to as a permanent profile of 1, 2, or 3 see AFPAM for further guidance.

Establishes medical standards and examination policy. Hypoplasia of the kidney, associated with elevated blood pressure or frequent infections or reduction in renal function. Flying Class IIB qualifies rated officers for duty in non-ejection seat aircraft.

No major rhythm disturbances. Current clinical status Any condition that in the opinion of the flight surgeon presents a hazard to flying safety, flrce individual’s health, or mission completion is cause for temporary disqualification for flying duties.


All initial waivers for maintenance medication except those listed in Attachment A7.

Prosthetic devices that are attached to or implanted for cardiovascular therapeutic purposes, regardless of result. For duty following medical examinations. Instructjon chapter establishes minimum evaluation requirements for cases submitted to certification and waiver authorities.

This instruction is affected by the Privacy Act of After recording the interval medical history, the following denial statement is recorded: The waiver authority establishes the term of validity of waivers. The local military provider may give the member more time as considered necessary to provide the requested information.

All AVOs must meet worldwide qualifications as outlined in Attachment 2. Attendance insrtuction service schools. Develops incapacitating dumping syndrome.

Whatever variation is used, it must provide the individuals a self-reporting tool to identify their health concerns and hsould be accomplished prior to the PHA i. Followed by chronic infection requiring innstruction or prolonged specialized medical care.


Scheduling Periodic Medical Examinations. Esophagitis, persistent and severe. Members will enter the DES for a determination of fitness only. The health records of the ARC member are reviewed for disqualifying defects according to Attachment 2.

Provides a listing of functional and environmental factors essential to the examination and placement of civilian workers.