Atari XL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Atari XL Owner’s Manual. Atari XL Computer Field Service Manual Rev 1. XL Computer Field Service Manual vn SECTION 1 THEORY OF OPERATION The Atari XLTM is an enhanced version of the existing ATARI Computer.

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The display for both keys will change to inverse video and then back. English – – 14 p. Mxnual long bars display at the top of the screen represent the two 8K ROMs in the system. Minor variations in design may be encountered depending upon the production date of the console.

Atari 8-bit Computer Manuals

Joystick and Paddle Test require user action with a joystick and paddle during respective testing. Atari Assembler Editor Reference Card.

Spanish – – 8 p. English – – 77 p. Press the Option key to show the main menu. It may be used to execute a test or tests, continuously to check for a particular intermittent failure or for burn-in.

English – – 29 p. The Performance Test does require the extended hardware. English – – 44 p. English – 10 p. Plato Service Offering Card. English – – 67 p. English – – 48 p.


Once a ROM or RAM has been tested and found defective the bar or specific block remains red and the memory is not tested again on subsequent test passes.

Atari XL Field Service Manual – VCCM

Blue Max – – texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Atari Game Manual: The channel number changes for each according to the sound channel in use. English – – 65 p. German – – 36 p.

Clip Art Collection Volume 1. Atari 8-bit Computer Manuals Mundo Atari texts eye favorite 0 comment 1 Revista chilena dedicada maanual los ordenadores Atari.

English – – 58 p. Failures in order of importance are: Five functional divisions in the software menu include: In most cases the reason for the failure will be due to the wrong version of the ANTIC chip having been installed during manufacturing.

Both types of bars are rotated through their respective sets. Most tests have sub-tests whose failures are listed in the error summary. You may select any of the following features in any combination: These sets of words are striped with thin black bars running vertically top to bottom.


Hardware Access o Turn unit upside down o Remove four screws from bottom cover o Turn unit upright o Tip cover by raising the left side allowing access cable.

The difference is that the sequence to be executed may be added to or deleted from and the order rearranged. English – – 38 p. Place drawings attached to the front cover behind this page. Do not leave Self Test screens on for any length of time maximum seven minutessince screen burning can occur.

In other words, a working unit. The screen should be steady and unchanging. Koons and Art Prag. Analog Computing Telecommunications System Guide. Failures indicate a faulty Pokey I.

The Programmer Owner’s Guide. Atari Column Printer Operator’s Manual. Atari Program Recorder Owner’s Guide. Dif Technical Specification manual.

Atari 400 800 XL XE Manuals

English – – 30 p. The Electronic Checkbook manual.

Decisions in the Desert – – texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Atari Game Manual: