In conventional vulcanizing machine the process is mainly hand operated and is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. constructed as a heat consumer and is fitted with an automatic temperature. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor Solar Water Purification by using thermal method Fabrication of Paper cup. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. In our project is consists of heat sensor circuit, solenoid valve and Pneumatic cylinder. The heat.

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Vulcanizihg, it is possible to employ punched card or the like means having the same function instead of a magnetic card. When data input is normally carried out merely by means of the data key board 3 during data preparation, it is necessary to discriminate input for preset data but this is inconvenient when many kinds of data should be preset. In the step 1 high pressure steam is introduced into the molding die as vulcanizing medium for 0. Next, description will be made as to another embodiment of the invention with reference to FIG.


Owing to the machin of the control apparatus of the invention that a vulcanizing vulcanizung prolong command is issued in response to temperature difference when temperature in the molding die is lower than the pneunatic one, it is assured that any incorrect operation conducted by an operator can be completely prevented and moreover vulcanizing is effected under the constant working conditions at all times, resulting in an improved machins of vulcanized tires.

Prior to initiating introduction or discharge of heating medium such as hot water, steam or the like at higher temperature and pressure into or from a tire mounted on the tire vulcanizing machine with the aid of the control apparatus of the invention as constructed in the above-described manner, it macgine necessary to prdetermine working time in each of the steps and moreover a temperature of steam in the hot plate which serves to heat a molding die or a temperature of steam in a jacket when the latter is incorporated in the molding die.

With respect to the arrangement of various kinds of converters which may be required to equalize level of each of the inputs and outputs and occurance of deviation of temperature and pressure of vulcanizing medium from their preset values during the beginning time or vulcqnizing to occurance of momentary peak value they are usually neglected as long as no practical trouble takes place.

To meet the requirement the control apparatus is designed such that time to be prolonged and step to be prolonged can be preset with the aid of the aforesaid key board or the magnetic card and moreover the preset time can be read by operating the aforesaid shifting switch.

Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine | Peerless technologies

Next, description will be made as to a preferred embodiment of the molding die temperature control system with reference to FIG. Where there are available many data depending on the kind of vulcanizing specification to be employed it is required that plural pairs of magnetic cards 7 and 25 be provided. The air is compressed in an air compressor and from the compressor plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system.


Specifically, the sequence timer unit 1 comprises a card reader 2, a data key board 3, a control key board 4, a connector 5, displays 8, 9, 10 and 11, a time display shifting switch 12, a pndumatic shifting switch 13 and a jot switch 14 each of which will be described later.

The control apparatus as defined in claim 5, wherein said means for outputting function signals from said vulcanizing sequence timer are a plurality of electromagnetically operated valves.

When the tire size is changed for any reason, a magnetic card 46 with tire specification number, step time, function and molding die heating temperature inputted therein corresponding to the aforesaid tire size is inserted into the card reader 43 of the sequence timer I so that the relevant data are stored in the microcomputer Due to the fact that there occurs a time lag between pressure raising until pilot air pressure to be delivered to the group of control valves 69 is raised up to a predetermined pressure and outputting of function signal it is preferable to make comparison therebetween by means of a timer in the comparison mechanism 81 or alarming mechanism 82 after a certain period of time has elapsed.

In the drawing reference numeral 40 designates a vulcanizing operation start signal, reference numeral 41 a time generator for causing a step to proceed with time measured from said vulcanizing operation start signal 40, reference numeral 42 a microcomputer, reference numeral 43 a card reader, reference numeral 44 a function output mechanism and reference numeral 45 a molding die heating temperature output mechanism.

Method of monitoring the production of extruded profiles and an apparatus incorporating means for effecting such monitoring. The control apparatus as defined in claim 1, wherein said vulcanizing time prolonging command is preset by said keyboard or said magnetic card, wherein both the length of time and sequential function step to be prolonged are preset.

To facilitate understanding of the invention a hitherto known control apparatus will be briefly described below with reference to FIGS. As the function signals 67 are received, a plurality of ON-OFF type vulcanization inner pressure control valves 69 are opened and closed whereby vulcanizing medium is selectively introduced into a tire and discharged therefrom.

For this reason the temperature in the molding die may be detected on the outer surface of the thermal insulating material with certain unavoidable fluctuation accompanied.

Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor.docx

The present invention relates to a control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine of the type in which vulcanizing is effected by introducing the vulcanizing medium into a rubber made product placed in a molding die on the vulcanizing machine madhine then discharging the same therefrom to vulcanize said rubber made product.

This machine is compact in size and semi-automated one.

Uzing Heating coil is fixed bellow the L-bracket bed. Thus, a large number of tires produced are ultimately rejected. When the operational card 25 is inserted into the card insert device 22, the aforesaid data are stored on the magnetic card 25 whereby a required number of copies are ready to be available. A vulcanizing sequence timer I is constituted by a combination of the aforesaid components 40 to As described above, the step time for the introduction of vulcanizing medium into a tire and the discharging of the same therefrom and the selection of vulcanizing medium at each of the steps function are preset on the vulcanizing sequence timer and predetermined temperature and pressure of the vulcanizing medium in a tire are preset at each of the steps.


US4674965A – Control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine – Google Patents

Any deviation from the above-described successive operating conditions is mostly attributable to the fact that temperature in the molding die is lower than the predetermined one.

This makes it possible vulcanizinng use multi-purpose cards having a small capacity with the prevention of incorrect card selection assured.

Since they have a limited capacity, two sheets of magnetic cards are usually used, wherein one of them has step, time and function data for controlling medium in a tire stored therein and the other one has has pressure conditions in a tire, jacket temperature and others stored therein. When function control is to be changed, the function cam 02 and the adjusting screw 04 are rearranged in accordance with a specific tire specification by manually operating them on the spacially limited control panel.

The ueing key board 3 serves to input data such as vulcanizing time, function, step number or the like.

The ram is release to the previous position after vulcanization process completed. A control apparatus as defined in claim 5, further including a plurality of pressure switches for detecting pilot air pressure during the introducing and discharging of said vulcanizing medium.

As signals 47 are received from the function output mechanism 44, the temperature and pressure of the vulcanizing medium 50 are detected by means of a detector 51, signals from the latter are recorded on a recording and adjusting instrument 53, molding die heating temperature presetting signals 48 are inputted into uing recording and adjusting instrument 53 from the molding die heating temperature output mechanism 45, preset values of the recording and adjusting instrument 53 and temperature in the hot plate adapted to be heated by molding die heating medium 56 are feedback controlled by adjusting the function of the recording and adjusting instrument 53, said temperature being detected by means of a detector 55 vuocanizing opening of a steam flow rate control valve 58 is automatically controlled by output signals 57 molding die heating and adjusting signals from the preceding step so as to control the flow rate of steam to be delivered to the hot plate.

When a tire T made of rubber is to be vulcanized in a molding die designed in a split type comprising an upper die half a and a lower die half b as illustrated in FIG.