The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of is a United States law signed on August 14, by President George W. Bush. The legislative bill was known as HR , sponsored by Congressman. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Compliance Solutions. At the end of , the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted to. CPSIA stands for the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of Total Lead Content (US CPSIA Act of H.R. , Title 1, Section ).

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Whether your business is local or global, we can ensure your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world.

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – Wikipedia

It is targeted mostly toward “children’s products”, which are defined cpsiz any consumer product designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age or younger.

These new regulations go into effect 15 months after publication in the Federal Register. However, pursuant to existing laws, the CPSC generally considers the needs of small businesses in promulgating regulatory standards pursuant.

They have sought relief, either administratively or legislatively, from the application of the new requirements to small businesses. General Conformity Certificates-Mandatory Third Party Testing November 18, Third Party Testing Products intended primarily for use by children 12 and under are subject to a more stringent requirement for third-party testing by an outside lab that is accredited by the CPSC.

Commerce, Science, and Transportation Comm. The first deadline came up in September, and several major deadlines came up in February Electronics products contain lead as a component of solder ; whereas the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive standards have long attempted to phase out lead solder, the tin solder is known to suffer from a defect known as tin whiskers.

Additionally, under the Act a Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database where consumers can directly report harm or merely a risk of harm officially launched on March 11, Some small businesses apparently have asserted that manufacturing does not include final “assembling” of component parts, therefore, the work performed cpeia certain small businesses is not manufacturing because it only constitutes “assembling.


Many times this ruling isn’t available until after the item is already required. The complaints are searchable both by product type and by manufacturer.

The third-party testing and certification requirement for the lead-based paint standard was the first to take effect, on December 21, In addition to issues of exemption for specific product categories or the delay of certain requirements of the CPSIA, small businesses and second-hand resellers have asserted that they have particularly suffered a severe economic impact from the CPSIA.

House approved cpsis bill It also prohibits the manufacture, sale, importation, transportation, or delivery in commerce of a product, fabric, or related material or of a product made of a fabric or related material that does not comply with the standards and deems that such practices constitute unfair methods of competition and unfair and deceptive acts or practices under the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Applicable safety rules do not include voluntary safety cspia, only mandatory standards, such as those in title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations, that have been promulgated under a c;sia enforced by the CPSC. The CPSC has issued several proposed and final regulations with regard to various authorized exemptions. The stay of enforcement does not apply to: They have not fpsia tested because the items generally do not contain hazardous materials; CPSC has been slow to define some of the accreditation or testing criteria; some of the low volume, cppsia value items are not economical to test; and lot tracking methods would not allow some of the items to be tracked.

The CPSIA also added products imported for consumption and warehousing to the list of products requiring general conformity certification.


Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Compliance Solutions

The rule does not specify any timeline for a final decision by the CPSC and provides that the filing of an exclusion request does not stay the lead standard or related certification or other requirements for the subject of the request pending a final decision by the CPSC. The procedure is codified at 16 C.

Notably in its distinction from the lead ruling of September 12,the phthalate ban will apply to articles manufactured on or after February 10, In addition, a copy of the certificate must be ”furnished” to the CPSC upon request. Not all products that might be cpssia consumer products under the general definition are subject to consumer product safety laws administered and enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC.

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

In determining whether a consumer product is primarily intended for a child 12 years of age or younger, the following factors will be considered:. Member Login Remember Me. The CPSC has announced a stay of federal enforcement for certain certification and testing requirements for one year, effective February 10, A range of implementation issues have arisen.

The California Attorney General concludes, As of January 1,it will be hrr4040 to sell, distribute, or manufacture toys and child care articles in California with greater than 0.

Through our network of over 43, people in 1, laboratories and offices in countries, Intertek provides quality and safety solutions to a wide range of industries around the world. Shadegg and introduced February10, ; H. The staggered deadlines facilitated gradual phasing in of the new requirements.

Several factors are to be considered in determining whether a product is primarily intended for a child 12 years of age or younger, including:.