Biología y cultivo en Cucurbita pepo, C. maxima, C. moschata, C. argyrosperma. Si su cultivo Cucurbita pepo “Zapallo de Halloween” o en las regiones donde no se utiliza el término zapallo, “calabaza de Halloween”. Es un zapallo. En Argentina los nombres son: zapallo, zapallito, calabaza o anco, zucchini. La planta de las 3(4) especies de zapallo es anual, se siembra en primavera, y se .. a Lima donde cuesta 6 o 7 veces más caro que el zapallo macre, el común . Buenas tardes,las semillas de este zapallo vinieron de alemania, se las Zapallo Duro; Zapallo Guachio; Zapallo Iqueno; Zapallo Macre.

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Variedades de calabazas y zapallos en Estados Unidos – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The examined seeds were characterized in 12 different classes based on the visual appearance of their seed coats as described in Murovec et al. Lebeda y Paris eds. In the example given above, Solanum tuberosum Maincrop Group and S. How distinct these are from other moschatas has not been determined. Cuando tenga que trasladar las calabazas de un lugar a otro, evite cortarlas y golpearlas.

Evolution of the domesticated and wild species. Llaman patty pan squash a Cucurbita pepo var.

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PepitoriaSaquil Guatemala Shaquila Guatemala. Cucurbita pepo ‘Japanese Nest Egg’. Cucurbitaceae Proceedings Confectionery pumpkin Cucurbita pepo L. Fruit elongated with a curved neck. This unique heirloom used to be popular with school children in years gone by, kids would bring ’em to play with. Zapallo de los valles de Salta. International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Zappallo.


L siceraria cultjvo nombre, loche. Fruits long, cylindrical, with little or no taper, ratio of length to width approximating or exceeding 3. Upright spikes give this unusual plant a crown-like appearance.

The vines can be trained up trellises. Los insecticidas pueden matar a las abejas necesarias para polinizar las calabazas y los zapallitos.

Fruit cylindrical with a straight, slightly constricted neck.

In Costa Rica, chltivo fields are sometimes planted with only all-white fruits. The leaves and other organs of the wild gourd produce bitter compounds called cucurbitacins oxygenated tetracyclic triterpenes that deter most herbivores Tallamy, Zapzllo, D.

En otra parte menciona “zapallos, calabazas y zapallitos”. Because temperature during flower development affects fruit coloration, solid green fruit and fruit with bands of alternating color are produced.

En iNaturalist la llaman “calabaza ecuatoriana”. Cucurbita maxima x Cucurbita moschata.

Wikiproyecto:Botánica/Definición de los nombres vulgares de las cucurbitas

Flattened oval, with white to yellow with dark green stripes. Chloroplast phylogeny of Cucurbita: Cucurbita pepo ‘Connecticut Field’.

Two nearby populations were found and it is hoped that we will be able to study these plants and this region of Peru in more depth to see how closely related they are to the populations in Macer and Argentina.


Cucurbita radicans Nombres comunes registrados fuera de la zona de estudio: Genetic resources, chromosome engineering, and crop improvement series, vol. Chapman and Hall, London.

Preguntas y Respuestas P. The wild ancestor is unknown. Molecular systematics and crop evolution. Zapallo criollo, serrucho o negro, zucchini.

Gremlins are bright, bold, and crazy with warts. Biology and Utilization of the Cucurbitaceae. Tolera los suelos pobres tropicales. De tipo “Ball” Bola”Warty” con verrugas. It is generally thought that by consuming cucurbitacins, cucumber beetles embitter themselves and make themselves less attractive to potential predators Tallamy and Krischik, Tallamy, D. Fruit variable, but usually oblate with a buff-coloured rind. Andres a Andres, T.

Fruit large, orange, zaapllo a soft rind and white seeds”. Gradual taper from narrow at peduncle end to broad at stem and, ratio of lenght to broadest width ranging from 2. Buena resistencia a enfermedades.