Cursed [Rhianne Aile] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Upon their grandmother’s death, Tristan Northland and his twin, Will, come into. Cursed and Betrayed by Rhianne Aile. Cursed and Betrayed. Sort. Collection Order, Latest. +. Format. All, Audiobook, eBook, Hardcover, Mass Market. Upon their grandmother’s death, Tristan Northland and his twin, Will, inherit her Book of Shadows and discover that one of their ancestors.

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Cursed Series

From the cover I ehianne afraid I wouldn’t like the book but the narration and story were just what I wanted. Showing of 17 reviews.

The next day Will uses his magic and the bond forming between them to break the spell that was affecting Richard. I’m pretty sure you won’t get thrown from one of those, m’lord.

Lucy rated it really liked it Aug 27, Rhanne this story did to my beloved monsters, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Upon their grandmother’s death, Tristan Northland and his twin, Will, inherit her Book of Shadows and discover that one of their ancestors, a spurned witch, is responsible for dark magic that has affected the Sterling family for generations: Which would have been easier to suffer though if Aile had stayed in the correct POV.

Walking everywhere or riding horses? I fell in love with the characters in Cursed, enjoyed the werewolf lore in this world, and cufsed to mention the explicit material was well-written. So, I know that was a lot of negativity but the truth is rhhianne were some fun things about this book as well.

Cursed (Gay Romance)

Benjamin Sterling might not be happy with his life, but it is predictable rhianje at least until Tristan Northland shows up in his office, unannounced and with nowhere to stay. While I did like the main characters and for the most part the secondary ones as well I felt that Sienna was too underdeveloped. And then, horribly, the whole story went nowhere! Now the book is sold with a very nicely done cover. Rhianne Aile has an wile relationship with her computer, iced tea, and chocolate.


Cursed : Rhianne Aile :

And yes its what makes the story not as good. Paperbackpages. The problem was the execution. I liked the fact that the SlashReaders: When I first bought this book a while back it was sold with a cover showing a snarling wolf and not much else.

We’ve had little glimpses about him, but I feel like there could be something very interesting and exciting about him, if given the opportunity to have his own story. While I liked the premise and most of the characters, the repeated use of “the Brit” or “the werewolf” or “the witch” rather than the characters names, got old fast, especially during love scenes.

I mean I personally thought the curse was being one of a type of monster in this world but no there were werewolves other that those who were cursed to be one. He’s insipid, whining and doesn’t appear to have any thoughts that weren’t planted by Benjamin. The worst part is this that the plot is quite good. The loves scenes were very nicely done.

The biggest irritation of all was the two main characters didn’t meet till page On doing so this time, I have come to appreciate even more what an excellent paranormal author Rhianne Aile is! This is a very erotic book, with many hot sex scenes. The reader gets confused at who is thinking what and when.

This is probably where the light feeling of the story emerges, even if in danger, even if under a spell, when Will and Richard are in bed together nothing else is important.


The story itself was only OK. Lists with This Book. I think I liked the fact that there was more of Raul in this one.

But Benjamin is not the classical alpha male: And says things like, “Oh, go on with you, you rascal”! You can nibble or suck on a lip, but both at once?

If I had to give a synopsis it would be “Be careful for what you wish for, because it may come true. This was a pure, straight-up fluffy bunny story. Growing up, she split her time between Oklahoma and Chicago, making her equally fond of horses, skyscrapers, cowboys, and men in well-tailored suits. But, if you’re looking for this type of story, go for it. The Alpha Wolf and the beautiful submissive mate was very well done.

A housekeeper who has always lived in the State of New York, but for some reason uses British wording? Oct 01, Shawn rated it really liked it Shelves: I don’t understand why these authors don’t consult me first so they don’t make this kind of mistake. I would have given this story 4 stars if it did not have more sex scenes than a porn video.

Cursed (Gay Romance) Audiobook | Rhianne Aile |

What was nice was the fact that Will and Akle both were instrumental in saving their Alpha partners. And I enjoy a good sex scene but Rhianne Aile lays it on thick. Then there are the sex scenes. I dunno Anyway I really enjoyed this book. She was insipid, annoying, and she didn’t even make sense. June 4, Whispersync for Voice: