Since , Cusick’s Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet has been an attractive, time tested resource for up-to-date anesthesia related information on. Information for this sheet is obtained using the latest research articles and textbooks (see bibliography). It contains important Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet – Details. The sheet Learn about the author Dr. Jeffrey Cusick, MD. Invaluable anesthesia reference sheets that provide quick and accurate information, when you need it, Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet $

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Revamped neuromuscular blocker doses, now with a single “quick look” dose to choose from. Removed sentence about mixing dantrolene with water.

Drug set up, Autonomics Recall, and Drug Reference Sheet

To increase clarity and minimize errors, anesrhesia new numbering and unit changes as recommended to improve prescription writing. Changed adenosine dose so it’s 6 mg first dose then 12 mg second dose. It was removed from ACLS protocol in April 07, v Changed website address from http: Pricing was increased to better reflect current costs and work involved. This will greatly increase the speed in which orders are filled.

I left vasopressin dosing on the sheet although it is no longer included. Check or Money Order. Text appears sharper and the difference is csick more noticible on the Mini sheet. January 12, v Peer reviewed during that time. Despite higher beginning price, you will get deeper percent discounts for higher quantities.


September 4v I’m going to try to stay ahead this year and get orders out once a week. The ASA did not come out and recommend light meals. December 26, v The sheet contains information that is frequently or quickly needed, when there is no time to refer to a book, computer, smart phone or tablet. PayPal transactions simplified with the addition of a “Shopping Cart”. March 2, v Quantities of 50 and sheets have deeper discounts and are calculated automatically.

It was taken off the market by Merck and is no longer available. Criticall onset with short duration. I process orders in batches once a week so your delivery time may vary. New Mini sheet printing process and printer. I guarantee that you will be happy with your order.

Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet | Home

Many of the doses were extremely difficult to choose given the great variability in references. My prior reference was Barash’s Clinical Anesthesia 2nd ed and anrsthesia was incorrect in that text! Version of sheet can be found on the back page, copyright info at the bottom. Information is obtained using the latest research articles and textbooks see bibliography and contains important, newly released medications along with commonly used classics.


Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet | Update History

Bradycardia dose is 0. August 08, v October 10, Major updates to include January 28, v Minimal formatting changes to main title of sheet slowly working to add more space to add a new drug. The increased price also helped me justify still producing the mini sheet for now.

Very difficult dose to find and infrequently used for infusions, but my prior reference Omoigui was obviously incorrect. Both the ordering cusicm production process for mini sheets need to be streamlined and improved before it is reintroduced.

Will remove at a later date. New printing process with use of double sided coated paper allows best quality printing yet!

Trimming cuts are more accurate, colors better, text sharper. Only the algorithms changed, specifically timing of CPR and defibrillation. Unfortunately it does not provide the same flexibility with mixed orders or high quantity greater than 15 orders than the old process but it will work for the majority of customers and simplifies things.