They are based off the powers found in the Classic Hucksters & Hexes book from Deadlands: Classic or a re-print of ones from the player’s. Hucksters and Hexes – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Dedicated To: Joyce, who is all the magic | need, Deadlands created by. Hucksters and Hexes continues in the tradition of PEG’s “class” sourcebooks, each detailing a different type of character in Deadlands. Hucksters in Deadlands .

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Veteran Power; Power Points: The alteration is limited to the face, but encompasses the entire appearance.

It creates sharp, jack-like spikes from the ground. Coffin Varnish is slang for bad coffee bad that is sort of what this trick makes. The target is also distracted -4 to Notice while under the influence of this hex.

This simple but potentially life saving trick determines which direction North, South, East and West are.

hexss Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did itand even restore old versions. Novice Power,; Power Points: Obviously, blind characters are immune. Makes for a very dramic entrance. It the huckster soaks the damage reduce the damage to the target by the amount soaked.


For larger maps and charts the Trick can be cast huckstesr times. With a Raise, a one mile radius.

Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

For the duration of the spell, despite their appearance, the target has all of their Wounds recovered, the Improved Nerves of Steel, and draw a card each round to become a Harrowed. Place a ghostly tag on a target allowing the huckster to make a Hexlsinging roll to know rough direction and distance exact placement with a Raise.

Just as when it is summoned, when it deadlaands dismissed the horse gallops off fading away like a ghost yet the sounds of its hooves and whinnying can still be heard.

I’m ready to Ascend!

Huckster Hexes

Only the victim can see them, but to them they see as real as anything else. Concentration Interpret Speak Language: Automatically stops target from bleeding out from their wounds.

Deadlans who make their Smarts roll manage to close their eyes in time. Novice Power, 1 Power Point Range: So if the target is hard of hearing or hit with a sonic attack the hexslinger is affected as well. This hex reveals information to the possible future a one person, place, or thing.

Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes

The ball of destruction takes a full round to form after which is does 3d6 damage 4d6 with a Raise for 3 rounds before it dissipates. Instant Phantom Fingers Telekinesis: This bonus does not stack with disguise kits or other appearance altering powers.


Novice Power, 0 Power Points Range: The subject can be human or animal but not abominations.

Novice Power, Power Points 0 Range: The target must have a reason to try to remember the lost time as well just to get the roll. Additionally, if the subject is targeted with a blinding or Fear Effect, the huckster is also affected. The energy can be transferred from hand to hand but the caster must hold it with one of them until all the lightning is used up.

The hex channels destructive energy straight from the Hunting Grounds straight through the earth causing the ground to permanently change. The caster uses the Throwing skill Range: Anyone that enters or moves in this area must move at half pace or make an Agility roll -2 if Running or take a level a fatigue from bumps and bruises and be Shaken.

S Shadow Walk Teleport: This hex gives the huckster the ability to speak, read, and write in a language other than his own.