Dell Studio (PP39L) Number of battery cells, 6. Energy reserve, 56 W*h. Dimensions and weight. Width, mm. Length, mm. Thickness, 39 mm. View full Dell Studio 15 specs on CNET. Dell Studio 15 Laptop Computer (Intel Unknown/NA T, GB HDD, 2GB RAM). Part Number: DNDWUW1. View full Dell Studio SB specs on CNET. Notebook type. Thin-and- light ( lbs.) Screen type. Widescreen. Manufacturer. Dell, Inc.

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The port distribution isn’t quite as rejoicing. Eell that the AC adapter is plugged in and that the main battery is installed properly. At least the reflections are outshone indoors, due to the good brightness.

Replace the screw that secures the USB connector.

Remove the display assembly see Removing the Display Assembly. For that, you get a 2.

Follow the steps in Removing the Battery Latch Assembly in the reverse order. The following instructions are not applicable to Edge-to-Edge display panels, which should not be disassembled.

One of the other things that makes the Studio 15 a pleasure to use is that rather than cluttering up the chassis with touch-sensitive controls, it built the multimedia controls into the row of function keys, just as Apple does with its Macs. The subwoofer adds a surprising impressive level of bass to the speakers in the Studio See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Slide the optical drive to the side and lift the optical drive from the computer base.

  HP FB6100 PDF

Place the ExpressCard board in position and replace the four screws wpecs secure the board. Removing the Optical Drive 1. Replace and tighten spfcs screw securing the battery latch to the battery release latch.

We love its comfortable keyboard, high-resolution webcam, strong performance, rich sound, and long battery life.

Review Dell Studio Notebook – Reviews

Save and close all open files and exit all open programs. Above that, the basically good manufacturing quality suffers under the somewhat slecs display lid and the not quite so tightly gripping hinges. The display hinges are sufficient for stationary use, but can’t completely prevent teetering on moving ground.

The system seems to also have enough reserves for simpler 3D CAD construction tasks, but difficulties have to be counted with due to non-optimized drivers and graphic hardware.

Dell Studio 15 (1555) Review

The battery integrated in the rear doesn’t sit quite as tight as known from other Dell notebooks, but shouldn’t lead to disadvantages in most application fields. System Noise One of the darker chapters pp39k our review is the noise development field.

Click the down arrow to view the Save In menu, select Desktop, and then click Save. The Dell Studio in the quad-core configuration is always existent with If you use excessive force, you may damage the connector.

Remove the ten screws on the palm rest. Align the four captive screws on the processor thermal-cooling assembly processor cover with the screw holes on the system board and tighten the screws in sequential order. Locate the latest BIOS update file for your computer at support. Remove the base cover see Removing the Base Cover.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. To avoid electrostatic discharge, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by periodically touching an unpainted metal surface, such as a connector on the back of the computer. Release the subwoofer cable from the routing guides. While the Studio 15 isn’t as powerful a gaming machine, it might be the more practical choice for people who want to unplug it and use it around the home.

Replace the base cover see Replacing the Base Cover. Still, we would have liked the bass notes to pop even more than they did. Replace the screw that secures the AC adapter connector. Removing the System Board Assembly 1.

The LED backlighting in our review unit is nice and bright, but we did notice that the brightness was slightly uneven in the upper right corner of the screen. As in all other reflective displays, you must consider the surrounding light conditions a bit more. Motherboard they are not repairing and new dfll not available.