Do More Faster has ratings and 90 reviews. Nathan said: What a shallow and disappointingly book. This is the kind of lazy book that I avoided when. Practical advice from some of today’s top early stage investors and entrepreneurs TechStars is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator with operations in three. In Do More Faster, the founders of TechStars identify the key issues that first-time entrepreneurs encounter, and offer proven advice from.

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Techshars table of contents. Oct 05, Josh Steimle rated it really liked it. Please correct phone number. Interested in learning about other Techstars programs? It is all about how to make startup successful. It is nice to know you aren’t the first, there are solutions, and someone to share your pain even if it is through the lines on a book. This is another book that startup should read.

Do More Faster: Techstars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup

Some advice was redundant, but I know that was for a purpose. The topics were enjoyable and there were some items that were absolute gems such as Don’t Celebrate the Wrong Things which included the relevant post mortem of EventVue.

Added to Your Shopping Cart. Do More Faster is a collection of advice that comes from individuals who have passed through, or are part of, Techstars’ accelerator programs. I’m happy that I live near TechStars now.

Find Your Whitespace Rather than getting a single, myopic perspective, you get all angles. Default to Delaware It may have been a fast read but I keep going back to re-read the stories. Ro 12, Richandcreamy rated it really liked it. Brad Feld works for the venture capital company Foundry Group and has been active as an investor and entrepreneur for over twenty-five years. Let’s deal with them in order, shall we? The only reason I’m giving this 3 stars instad of 2 is because of Brad’s essay on work-life balance.


Historically, about seventy-five p Practical advice from tschstars of today’s top early stage investorsand entrepreneurs TechStars is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator withoperations in three U.

David Cohen is the founder of Techstars and has successfully started several other companies. Focus on the First One-Third.

Gotta hear these wise words more than once to get it knocked into your senses! Follow Your Heart Feb 07, Cem Guvener rated it really liked it. Don’t Celebrate the Wrong Things It lessoons practical while also emphasizing some of the key intangibles that startup teams too often push aside. Obsess over Metrics Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners Anyone interested in start-up culture. It is like any blog, some information are new, some are old other are useless.

Although it’s obviously about leading a productive life and becoming a successful entrepreneurs, I enjoyed reading it more for the attention Brad and David gave to the following topics: Those stories are always refreshing and inspiring to me.

Once a year in each city, it fundsabout ten Internet startups with a small amount of capital andsurrounds them with around fifty top Internet entrepreneurs andinvestors. Make Decisions Quickly Jun 20, Katya Kean rated it liked it Shelves: It helps to alleviate intimidation from the entrepreneurial scene.

Choose the Right Company Structure Full of start-up advice you’ve probably already heard elsewhere, but repeated by people involved in TechStars. But if they’re not hyperproductive as small, nimble companies, then they’re fighting from a real disadvantage. And if nothing else, you’ll realize that you aren’t alone in facing these challenges.

Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup | Souq – UAE

Jul 22, Nicholas Moryl rated it it was ok. They also underscore the efficiency of execution: You often feel alone as a startup founder. There’s little you’ll find worthy of underlining much less repeating, and it never once acknowledges any kind of accessibility bias, or even the relevance of asking successful people what they did vs unsuccessful people what bit them.


The Techstars Foundation Improving Diversity in Entrepreneurship The Techstars Foundation is a non-profit created to improve diversity in technology entrepreneurship by providing opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs through grants, scholarships, and sponsorships.

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 fastef 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 afster 30 31 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year You are currently using the site but lessobs requested a page in the site. But, just like in the martial arts, the best startups use the weight of their opponents against them.

I have a lot of respect for Brad Feld and his investment work, but this book was just a let-down. TechStars Lessons toAccelerate Your Startup is a collection of advice that comesfrom individuals who have passed through, or are part of, thisproven program.

Don’t Go It Alone Pitch techstars pretty hard. Be Open to Randomness 3. It’s all real stories of real people. It is a collection of blog post-sized articles from entrepreneurs and mentors. He explains extremely clearly why an LLC is NOT a good option if there lesssons 2 or more founders and explains how setting up a C-Corp or S-Corp can be very cost effective and save a lot of hassle down the road.