magic tricks forum – Sign Language by Doug Dyment – Review Bought mine from Doug direct at: Price: About $15 +. Doug Dyment’s “Penney’s From Heaven” from Neil Scryer and Friends. Max Maven’s “Positive/Negative” shared in Genii Magazine. Read once a new. From a smoke &pet free home. Saddle stiched, soft cover. 12 pgs. Look my other items! A Monograph on the Impromptu Divination.

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Max Maven, on Videomind 3, has an effect utilitzing this concept, and mentions that there is a long history of it Alain Nu has a progressive anagram divination of a Zodiac sign I believe in one of his sets of notes. It seems like I saw Jim Krenz do one of the value of a spectator’s hidden piece of paper money. A great example of the script covering the flaws of the method.

Although the technique has a long history, there is no good published info on the construction of branching trees. To do so is not particularly difficult; in fact, an inexpensive computer program called Panagram is available from the Underground Collective to do exactly that a free program by Peter Lipp is lanfuage floating around, but Panagram is significantly better. While such programs build branching trees that work, however, they have almost no intelligence that allows them to build trees that are effective in conjunction with a particular script.

The latter remains something of an art form. My own Sign Language is a much-reviewed monograph on the topic of scripting for effects of this type. It discusses the three methods used to soug the methodology, and illustrates same with a detailed script for the divination of Zodiac signs. I chose this particular effect popularly known as “What’s Your Sign”, after a Ray Grismer offering as zign are many versions in print, but almost none of them is particularly strong script-wise.

Many of them T. Waters’ “Signse”, for example use ydment poor branching trees as well. I endorse the previous recommendation of Michael Weber’s “Crosswords” effect, by the way.

Weber has devised an extremely effective plot for this type of effect. Proprietor of The Deceptionary. This made for a nice impromptu feel where you simply picked up a newspaper and started to pull words for the trick. This, to me, solved one of the problems I’ve had with this effect where the words were supplied by the performer and could seemingly arouse suspicion from spectators.

I’ll try and find the exact listing in Jinx. Lipp a thank you note and perhaps some money as a thank you, he gave me permission to pass this along, but ask that I also ask you to send along a thanks and donations, in the form of books, laanguage similar magically interesting langjage, are appreciated.


Underground Collective lamguage home of Panagram. He marketed the effect without my knowledge or permission. I’ve tried Jamie’s program, but I still like to figure this stuff out the long way. It has the advantage that the computer does all the work and you don’t have to do anything. My code still involved some manual work – but it did the grunt work for you: Ian Kendall Close up magician in Edinburgh and Scotland.

Ray Grismer did not invent the Zodiac anagram, I did. It’s an interesting read lnaguage the concept works really well. And on the two women I did it for, it resulted in a scream reaction.

There’s a little to memorise, but if you’re already used to performing this style of magic the memory work will take you an hour or two tops.

Aside from being a clever use of the Languagf idea the book has some very solid points of view when it comes to Cold Reading. Those interested in the book may want to tap Karl Bartoni on the shoulder DragonSkull web site in the UK and many Bizarre Magick forums I believe he could point you in the right direction. Progressive anagrams are notoriuously difficult to remember and so most rely on the use of a crib Sorry — can’t remember whose trick it was.

This made for a great telephone test, because a you could just ask someone to imagine going to Las Vegas and laguage in any hotel; and b you could have the branch sequence sitting right in front of you. I don’t know if the list of hotels is still good — it seems they throw up a new hotel in Vegas every few months. But the idea of using hotels like this makes for a completely transparent method of forcing people to select a word from your group.

Doing it over the phone eliminates one’s ability to exploit visual signals in both directionsand although this is only one of the masking techniques used in this type of work, it is a particularly effective one.

A few years ago Magic Magazine had a dout anagram trick using the most popular hotels in Las Vegas. The Underground Collective has an interesting manuscript called Sensory Perception that adds a different twist.

Not only is it a powerful effect, sgin it provides a good method for creating new scripts. I have been trying to find one for several years. If anyone has one they are not using, please let me know!! On a side note, the creation of the trees from a computer science point of view is an interesting problem algorithmically. I once designed a sgn algorithm that would “evolve” progressive algorithms using a simulated evolutionary style langyage environment.

Sixty some odd dollars later I have everything but! It’s Roug on Steroids! This is one of those bits of sigb you wish no one else had access to its so darn good I’m talking to someone over the phone and mention I’m trying to work on something and could they help. When they decide to help I say, “Let me get a dictionary. They make a list of words and I begin my experiment.


I say, “Okay, I want you to look at one of those words Now pick another word Now stare at the word I’m seeing the letter What I liked about doing it this way is that it felt impromptu Doug looks good I just ordered your sign Language booklet. It allowed for a cold reading and a divination of the sign without any memorization or crib sheets.

In fact, not only did it work automatically, but the performer doesn’t even have to know how it works — there is no mental effort at all. Try and figure that one out, Ray. I am languqge all the methods I can find with the possibility of incorporating one type or my own creation in a prop I am building.

So far it has 3 tricks incorporated a tarot reading version of the planets force, T.

I could incorporate a remote so the magicians could input yes or no answers covertly and the script could sound spookily accurate. You can check languagr the progress of this prop here www.

I’ve never compiled an anagram before and would like to know how difficult it is to get to the 1×7 depth. Of course the words I’m useing have to fit the routine. I’d like to get one more on the list and keep the 1×7 depth.

Any input would be appreciated.

Sign Language by Doug Dyment – $ :

This book is very interesting. Don’t do PA if you haven’t read Ryment Language. Panagram is a languagf software. It’s a good soft to help you, not to entierely create a PA.

Does anyone know which one dmyent are 4 available on this very web site. I assume summer of 96 is number 2 is that correct? Was it a yearly thing? The last one was winter I belive.

I was unaware that you could get them individually; when I ordered them I had to buy the set and now I have two of two, if you see what I mean Having said that, were you to buy all four I doubt you would be dissappointed. It was for a end of school year banquet celebrating the retirement of 8 teachers. I used the Lipp program to make a progressive anagram of all the names, and was lucky enough to have them all work.

Even better, when I got to the show site, there was a printed program at each seat with a page listing the teachers retiring by name. Couldn’t llanguage worked better if I’d planned it myself!!!