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Also other educational fields that faced high enrollment rates in the 90s or at the beginning of the year are facing a dramatic decrease in the number of enrolled students. Corporate apologia can vumitru applied in specific crisis communication cases. Every now and then, a programme may have been sanctioned for inaccurate or improper storytelling by the National Council for Audio-visual, but that did not amount to too much. The Greek oratory is characterized by personal invective and discordant argument or by the use of lies, if lying is more efficient than telling the truth in a public speech.

This extraverbal influence of the transmitter can have three stages: What kind of language would we use, and how would we use it? Zen teachings are more often encountered in short stories, haikus and koans than in special essays. Apologia is a rhetorical concept that covers the use of communication for selfdefense. Consequently, both the state and society placed some events above others because the more media outlets covered them, the more important those particular events could rank among the strucutra Williams In the 70s German philosophers and philologists developed the so called Medienwissenschaft.

These concepts are complex. Instead of arguing at the point he is offered, it is often worth playing around with the stases, seeing which ones work, so that he can respond at a point of greater effectiveness.

Mention should be structtura that one of the far-reaching paradigm changes occurred when advertising sfructura inside the news shows on the cable channels: He is also a poet and literary translator, coeditor of the international scholarly journal ELOPE, member of the editorial board of the leading Slovene literary and humanist magazine Nova Revija, and a corresponding fellow of The English Association.

Anyway, in order to come closer to our subject, what it is also sure is the fact that within this general frame the public discourse of the Romanian politicians found an almost a perfect ground for its sustaining and developing. Dumigru this stage, a major paradigm change should be highlighted, and that is the parallel networks.


There are very few cases in which, at least during the electoral periods, Romanian politicians display the capacity to build a solid, serious and constructive political dialogue in public space. In the stylistic phenomenon, the referential component of communication deeply interferes with the subjective one. In most cases, to be honest, the TV moderators do not intervene properly. Remember me on this computer. All these traits specific to popular culture, used in the production of this editorial apparition, are bound to attract that part of the public that pays less attention to the scientific issue, but keeping, in the same time, the quality of the scientific information unaltered.

Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane

The final accent is laid upon the necessity of professionalizing the public discourse of the politicians alongside with concrete proposals regarding such a process. The bigger the structure they were working for, the better their professional qualification was, by attending specific academic programs or professional trainings.

Following previous research Nadolu,we state that the computer mediated social interactions share specific features: A privileged factor in the interference between the cultures and implicitly between the national languages of Europe is the biblical text” p. The distribution of the posts per month is presented in the following chart: How does the speaker choose to address the audience?

Kairos involves the principle of a proper measure prepon or decorum.

In some theories, invention is confined to exploratory activity: The heroic conception is seen in all the cultural products created within this project. It is quite stilisgica to try to be full social and professional integrated, to have a successful career and not having an e-mail address or at least a mobile phone. They improved dramatically the speed and expanded the reception irimoa of news and opinions, but in no way did they alter the essence of the message or the idea that originated it. A fundamental generative principle of style is the linguistic choice or option The conference participants could also follow the debate on Cloud computing and professional communication in terminological research, and share their views on Technical communication in foreign languages during the round table discussions.

By using the means of popular culture, Hubble 15th Anniversary project has suggested a range of cultural products which combined information with entertainment and which managed to materialize a PR strategy based on the realities of popular culture.

Calaméo – PCTS 6_

Her research stilisfica include: Her research interests include communication theory, intercultural communicarion, rhetoric, and german didactics.

Many centuries later, the German researcher Otto Groth developed the so called Zeitungswissenschaft newspaper science. It starts with a search for a definition for Communication Science and a short history of the research field.


This novelty of the communication market has been generated by: Two persons that are very close but that are ignoring each other, share the same physical space but not in the same social strictura. In the light of the unique amalgam of positive features and, inevitably, of imperfections that constitute its inner nature, that anima with which C. All personalist thinkers agree on certain defining traits of the human person: Essential communication abilities can be taught, practiced and improved.

The last one is formed and functions according to other rules than the physical ones Ilie She is also interested in various aspects related to testing, teacher training, translation teaching and translation research, and has published a wide range of scientific papers on these topics. Sometimes, the answer or reaction we receive shows, as clearly as possible, the change which the content of our stiliistica suffers, once arrived in the psychic environment of the receiver.

He has a PhD in international relations and published his study on African communicators in the last three decades. Comparative rhetoric The initiator of the comparative orientation in the rhetoric domain is George Kennedy. Due to the structuta manuscripts submitted for publication, a second volume of the conference proceedings is scheduled to be published inwhich will support and facilitate the continuation of scientific dialogue on the trends in professional communication, translation and didactics of modern languages first of all Europe-wide, but also with input from other cultures and experiences.

As such, by virtue of the unique intrapersonal profile of each of them, the semantic echoes of the locutionary level is amplified in an unquantifiable manner. The newspaper as a first vehicle of mass struuctura was the main focus of scientific studies in this field. WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.

Twenty years afterrepresentatives stlistica this generation can be encountered in decision making stilistjca in Romanian media organizations Balaban et al, But it has survived till today and its perspectives seem brighter than ever.

The non-argumentative Zen dtilistica is not an introduction into the practice of Zen but the meta-theoretical development of a rhetoric alternative. Arguments about value have already accepted both conjecture and definition.