Aug 17, Ecosoft/Customization for Bicycle Manufacturer Case Study . Supervisor, will login to ADempiere as normal, open up the problem SO number. Aug 17, DISCLAIMER – This is an implementation guide written by Kittiu, from ecosoft Bangkok, Thailand for the purpose of teaching himself while doing. Dec 4, Overview. ADempiere is a great Business Application. What make ADempeire different from others are not only its complete business features.

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This page is under construction — Kittiu This page contain specific customization made for Bicycle Manufacturer Case Study by ecosoft. All customizations are made without touching the core application, using customization. Source code ecosofr to customization. In our project, we have the need to prevent Document Forms i.

There are some other alternative without touching the code, such as, have the status printout in big letters, so that people can spot it by their eye. But this is rejected by the client.


Tutorials – ADempiere

In the existing functionality. This enhancement is to create a simple way by select a CheckBox for Supervisor of the SO creator to review and if everything is ok, adempiefe approval directly to this specific SO by ticking a CheckBox. And as the checkbox is ticked, the approval process will be ignored. At first, we are looking at using standard Workflow, but eventually found some difficulties.

In our case, when document status is “Prepare” we don’t want want end user to complete it immediately double check routine. Carlos Ruiz have discuss it here. For some material i. But when receiving, the conversion rate can vary slightly from what has been setup in UOM Conversion Tab.

Ecosoft – ADempiere

But when receive material it could be 99 pieces. As such, when receiving we need to overwrite the conversion rate and keep that overwriting rate to this receiving transaction. Selecting product will set default product UOM and it is unchangeable. Currently, ADempiere already poscess the same for Print Invoices. However with this approach, we will need to have a new workflow per each of the new make-to-order product.


The enhancement is intended for reusabibility of BOM and Workflow. User can still use the existing approach, by creating new a new BOM and a new Workflow and relate them in Product Planning Data for each new make to order as usual. But in addition, user can also create more than 1 BOMs for the same product, and reuse the same workflow.

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