El delincuente honrado (Spanish Edition) [Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El delincuente honrado. Some years ago J. Polt drew attention to Jovellanos’ description of his play El delincuente honrado as a “comedia tierna” or “drama sentimental. If comedy. El delincuente honrado by Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace Independent.

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But Spaniards were not the only ones to be puzzled by the new theatrical phenomenon which seemed to grow out of nowhere to disturb the neat categories of the eighteenth century. Saint-Franc proceeds to console his son by assuring him that his soul will fly directly to God, a motif which is also used by Jovellanos:. It will be seen that the correspondence between Mercier’s play and Jovellanos’ is extremely close in the general outline of plot, in the wording of at least one scene, in some details, and in the dual roles assigned to the two chief characters morally innocent criminal, father-judge.

With a similar concept of the importance of honor, derived no doubt from Montesquieu, Torcuato attempts to justify duelling in the eyes of his father-in-law:. We have noted honrad Jovellanos’ concept of the function of comedy, the last lines textually e, this passage in Diderot’s Entretiens sur le Fils naturel: The play’s title indicates at once that the conflict of the play rests on the paradoxical nature of this combination.

But while the possibility of royal pardon is thus hinted at, it is not realized; and Durimel is led out to execution. To survey fully its fate after would exceed the scope of the present article; suffice it to say that the work enjoyed numerous performances, editions, and translations until the triumphant Romantic theater swept it from public favor But the same importance of condition is also to be found uonrado the characterization of Torcuato, with a slightly more complex grouping of roles: This melodramatic and sentimental tone pervades the play honraeo the very beginning, and tears are copiously shed by the characters 7.

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Don Justo seems made to comply with Diderot’s request; his conflict is precisely that envisaged by the latter: They differed, he says, in age, in rank, in inclinations, education, and ideas While this play differs in important respects from El delincuente honradoit deals with some of the same themes and coincides with it in the ending. Don Pablo de Olavideborn in Lima, was, during Jovellanos’ stay in Seville, asistente of that city, then the greatest in Spain, with a population of more than Pour juger sainement, expliquons-nous.


On almost every point, Jovellanos’ play complies with this view jovellanso the genre.

Jovellanos may have been familiar with this play also, especially since it was a literary repercussion of the Jean Calas case, of which he must have been aware. Cadiz at that time had three theaters: Proof is not confined to verbal coincidences but is found at the very heart of Jovellanos’ dramatic structure.

There, and not in the passions, the lyricism, the individualism, and the medievalism of Rivas, of Hartzenbusch, of Zorrilla.

The demands of this honor must therefore be complied with, all the more rigorously when they are not in accord with the laws. The two plays have in common a sentimental, tearful tone, and a conviction on the part of the protagonist that he is the victim of an adverse destiny The Romantic drama is art for art’s sake, just as the neoclassic joveloanos are, albeit by different standards.

The facts, however, speak for themselves; and the names we wish to give them are of secondary importance. The essentially revolutionary aspect of El delincuentethat which sharply distinguishes it jjovellanos the neoclassic drama, also differentiates it from the Romantic theater. Let us compare some pertinent passages: These details, together with the similarity of titles, may indicate a direct relationship between the two plays; but they are not conclusive Two other French drames of this period, however, offer much greater possibilities, though they are scarcely taken into account in discussions of El delincuente honrado More specifically, Jovellanos’ opening scenes strongly recall Diderot’s, in which Dorval decides to leave early in the morning because of his guilty love for Rosalie.

Like the French drames with which it must be grouped, it belongs to a school without direct posterity 61 ; like them, it retains considerable interest as an experiment in a freer theater with social implications. If it was translated by Olavide, Jovellanos must have known it see note This is its basically social orientation.

In the meantime, Don Justo, the judge, has gradually realized that the accused is his son. And wl he discovers that the judge who condemns him is his father and the seducer of his motherhe cheerfully adjusts to this new revelation of his destiny.

Torcuato plans a similar escape because of the guilty secret of the duel. He is, therefore, both a minister and a critic of the society he serves; and through him Jovellanos expresses his demand for the adjustment of legal to ethical values. Informed of his hongado, Clary, like Laura under similar circumstances, determines to save him In this he differs from Torcuato, who, in law, is guilty of the crime for which he is to jovellanso executed.

Jovellanos ” El Delincuente honrado” | Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

Jovellanos thought of the theater as primarily an aristocratic pastime, an amusement for the idle ek, designed to instruct them and keep them from less desirable activities Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. What could serve as an illustration of the author’s thesis -the situation of Torcuato torn between honor and civic duty and forced eventually to accept a duel- is not presented on the stage.


Each converses with his servant and makes a point of looking jovelllanos his watch. We can be the more certain of this in view of what we know of Jovellanos’ relations with Olavide and of the latter’s ideas, literary activities, and readings. Like Torcuato, Durimel is a victim of fate: From the beginning of the play it is obvious that he is legally guilty and morally blameless, compelled as he has been by a hostile fate specifically, by his antagonist’s intolerable allusions to his illegitimacy to accept a duel.

Cookies are little nuggets of information that web servers store on your computer to make it easier for them to keep track of honrrado browsing session. They were consistently unwilling to view him as a figure, like Feijoo, dramatically astride the old and the new, balancing in uneasy truce the contradictions between faith and reason, between the calls of religion and patriotism and the ideals of the Enlightenment. The possession and circulation of such books played an important part in the Inquisition’s case against the asistente.

Sedaine, however, unlike Jovellanos, has known how to case this circumstance not only for purposes of social propaganda i.

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This sacrifice of dramatic jovellans does not necessarily indicate a lack of dramatic talent, but it reinforces the view that what interested Jovellanos was precisely the legal-philosophical aspect of his story.

We witness the emotions of the characters before the duel, the anguish of the father during the time of the duel, and, finally, the unexpectedly happy solution. Each character pretends to have pressing financial matters to attend to, one in Paris, the other in Madrid. The play’s five acts are in prose, with a fairly close adherence to the three unities of the neoclassic stage. Neither Diderot nor most of his followers had any real quarrel with the dramatic unities 60 ; they were less concerned with the superficialities of the theater than with the realities of life as they saw it.