Florina PÎNZARU. National School of [email protected] Abstract Manual de marketing: principii clasice si practici actuale eficiente, Florina Pinzaru. National AG Andrei, A Zait, EM Vătămănescu, F Pînzaru Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru. Florina Pinzaru CV Hapenciuc, F Pînzaru, EM Vatamanescu, P Stanciu Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru.

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In order to address pertinently this issue, the current work focuses on a qualitative research which comprised in-depth semi-structured interviews with several project coordinators from non-governmental organizations NGOs. Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 2 1, The influence of competitiveness on SMEs internationalization effectiveness.

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Strategica Call for Papers more. New articles related to this author’s research. The rapid social and economic transformations have imposed the assumption of an integrative perspective, especially to the organizations oriented to ensure their viability on the market and industry. Aug 1, Publication Name: International Conference on Business Excellence, 79 Dec 29, Publication Name: This paper highlights that even if some interest has been given to the new developments in marketing, the theoretical foundations are still weak but the efforts go towards including the relationship concept in the marketing paradigm.

Starting from this premise, the paper intends to analyze the business internationalization versus business globalization perspectives assumed by managers of SMEs at present. However, the success of several projects focused on emotional approach in recent years concentrated on the rediscovery of past and present stories of the Romanian capital, lead us to believe that the city brand built through stories has a real potential.

Still, increasingly more importance is given to relations with other. Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 2 1, A case study of higher education more. Converging sustainable entrepreneurship and the contemporary marketing practices. The literature in the field pays attention to both aspects. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Despite various theoretical paradigms proposed to identify the most appropriate theoretical modeling frameworks, the city branding remains, at least in Romania, a fact unsupported in a structured and continuous way, often with disparate initiatives, conducted by various economic and social actors, but not organized into a coherent strategy with medium and long term projects.


MarketingRelationship Marketingand Marketing Theory. Special consideration is given to the role of the Internet in learning, while the strategies for increasing knowledge creation and knowledge acquisitions through the Internet are lesser discussed.

Management Research and Practice 4 2, flotina To mamual the investigation more complex and clear, the research relies on social network analysis which is indicative of the group dynamics and configuration, highlighting the differences between common identity-based and common bond-based groups. International Journal florin Academic Research 5 4 Hereby, researchers believe that such an approach should be indicative of start-ups which should advance feasible solutions to market imperfections through innovative products and services and through effective marketing models.

Corporate Reputation — an input or an output of Intellectual Capital? Based on these assumptions, we aim to analyze the relationships between CR and IC.

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Location Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania. In the context of a multicultural organizational environment, offering quality to both the costumer and the employee is no longer an easy task. It should be at the core of managerial practices, but also of educational processes. In this context, focusing on the small and medium enterprises SMEson the managerial and entrepreneurial micro-universe may generate an alternative perspective on their approach on the international markets versus the global market.

We develop a case study strategy and we discuss the possible links between CR and each IC component in the cases of the two best Romanian firms, according to CICIs value during Mangers versus Digital Natives Employees. The following articles are merged in Scholar. Word-of-mouth generation and brand communication strategy: In order to complete this task, we will analyze the premises that generate multicultural environments in corporations, the general context dlorina intercultural communication in this kind of organizations and the principle Going international versus going global.


Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. A Comparative Analysis within a Triad Framework: Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 3 4, The fifth edition of the Strategica International Conference, organized by the Faculty of Management from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration florian Romania Flprina in partnership with the National Bank of Romania and in cooperation, since floriba, with the International Association of Knowledge Management, focuses in September on the dynamics of the contemporary economy influenced by technological development and digital revolution.

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Econ 15, Against this backdrop, the present paper aims to investigate the correlations between sustainable entrepreneurship and the marketing types articulated by the Contemporary Marketing Practices CMP research program, relying on a questionnaire-based survey conducted with start-up entrepreneurs in Romania.

Apr 20, Conference Start Date: Case Study on the Romanian Subsidiaries more. The distinction between the two approaches is based on a step-bystep touch of the specialized markets versus a straight forward venture into far-away markets with a view to obtain higher profits.

Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Maarketing 4 2,