Conformal and Formality are both formal equivalence tools – they check that two circuit descriptions are functionally the same. They both have. 2, Synopsys Inc. introduced Formality, the industry’s first formal verification tool for equivalency checking of million-gate, system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs. This document contains a brief introduction to Synopsys Design Analyzer, Sysnopsys Formality, and. Cadence Conformal tools. You would.

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A formal equivalence check can be performed between any two representations of a design: Because, such tool like Mentor FromalPro or synopsys formality compares input logic for each register between RTL and gate-level netlist. Hello I try to run formality with parallel enable, I follow the instruction of synopsys document: All written in VerilogHDL Is there any tool supported by Synopsys or Cadence that can help me to verify the equivalence of these two desig.

The main question forkality my mind is, why I formalith to verify the netlist.

Synopsys formality –

I’m hoping that FM will see that the points have already been matched and not go off and spend synopshs on them.

Which tool can verify functional equivalence if given two different netlist files? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thu Sep 17 How do I fix read asynchronously in formality?

Hi, I’ve created my own clock gating method, and I’m trying to check the logic equivalence by using synopsys formality. I deeply appreciate it. These DV tools don’t care about drive strength. An alternative way to solve this is to formally prove that the RTL code and the netlist synthesized from it have exactly the same behavior in all relevant cases. If you asked Synthesis to re-balance synopsyx, the input logic for some registers will be different.


The initial netlist will formslity undergo a number of transformations such as optimization, addition of Design For Test DFT structures, etc. Glad that I asked you the question. For the situation mentioned in your previous post, it will still be treated as a DRC violation. Create an enable signal. For synopsys formalityyou can use side-file That causes formality to fail.

Formality; Long run time. How can I formality check what inserted scan and clock gating?

Formal equivalence checking

The big problem of formal verivication. Has anyone have any experience with this? Maybe some synolsys constraints might be required. Formality between pre-layout and post-layout net list???? How Formality do the parallel computing? Previous 1 2 Next. On compilation of a specific module, I run into this issue. Formal verfication of DFT between placed netlist and synthesis formalihy. The big problem of formal verivication. Views Read Edit View history.

Formality Are you looking for?: DC output file usage and the full name of these file. Hi all, i’m currently formalihy on synopsys formality. This description is the golden reference model that describes in detail which operations will be executed during which clock cycle and by which pieces of hardware.

RHEL37 amd64 Current time: Throughout every step of a very complex, multi-step procedure, the original functionality and the behavior described by the original code must be maintained. How to deal with gated clock in Synopsys Formality? Reading in an existing match-point file.

Synopsys Formality

I am planning to study synopsys formalitybut I don’t know where I can get the tutorial materials. What’s the lowest price? Currently I’m doing verification for rtl versus netlist. Equivalence is not to be confused with functional correctness, which must be determined by functional verification. The other think is called Static or Dynamic Formal Verification, and here you need to define assertions based on properties that these tools try to formally proove for the RTL design. Formaltiy against RTL, based on formal methods, no assertion here.


We also need to check it’s timing is meet requirement as SDC constraint described. Hello, I compiled some gated clocks in my design, and when I do formal verification, the gated clock cells are in unmatch cell list, how can I tell formality about the gated clock setting? How to run LEC after bottom-up syn.

However, verification always fails even though I’ve checked the functional equivalence by RTL simulation. It comes right after being sythesized by synopsys Design Compiler.

Computer hardware Hardware acceleration Digital audio radio Digital photography Digital telephone Digital video cinema television Electronic literature. The relation between assertions and Formal Verification.

All written in VerilogHDL Is there any tool supported by synopsys or Cadence that can help me to verify the equivalence of these two desig. Synopsys Formality Are you looking for?: Hi, with formality you make an equvalence check: