cómo se transporta la glucosa través de la membrana celular? diana díaz hernández, luis carlos burgos herrera de la célula para su ingreso requiere una. RESUMEN El transporte de la glucosa a través de la membrana plasmática de a sodio (SGLT) y los sistemas facilitadores del transporte de glucosa (GLUT). Se han descrito dos sistemas de transporte de glucosa y de otros monosacáridos : y los transportadores de glucosa llamados GLUT (glucosa transporters).

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Defective glucose transport across the blood-brain barrier as a cause of persistent hypoglcyrrachia, seizures, and developmental delay. Most non- autotrophic cells are unable to produce free glucose because they lack expression of glucosephosphatase and, thus, are involved only in glucose uptake and catabolism. Differential regulation of adipose tissues glucose transporters in genetic obesity fatty rat. Found in adipose tissues and striated muscle skeletal muscle glucosq cardiac muscle.

Diabetes Care ; Is a high-frequency hransportadores low-affinity isoform. Close genetic linkage between HLA and renal glycosuria.

Extensive studies have glugs conducted to assess the role of GLUT4 in changes related to insulin sensitiveness, such as diabetes mellitus type 2 DM2. Efeito do diabetes sobre os transportadores de glicose de epitelio renal. How to cite this article. Structure and function of mammalian facultative sugar transporters. Cloning sequence, and expression of the pantothenate permease panF gene of Escherichia coli.

By group SLC1—10 1: Regulation of expression of glucose transporters by glucose: Is expressed by renal tubular cells, liver cells and pancreatic beta cells.

Physiol Behav ; Decreased expression of glucose transporter in muscle from insulin-resistant patients. Phloretin Phlorizin T TA. Annu Rev Physiol ; De Vivo’s syndrome, described in convulsive infants with hypoglycorrachia during normoglycaemia, has been attributed to a reduction in fluts GLUT1 content in endothelial cells at the blood-brain barrier.

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Transportador de glucosa

Binding of glucose to one site provokes a conformational change associated with transport, and releases glucose to the other side of the membrane. Views Read Edit View history. The key point here was ‘flux coupling’, the transporhadores of sodium and glts in the apical membrane of the small intestinal epithelial cell. Diabetes Care ; Glucose, the main source of energy in the cell, is transported in most cells through facilitated diffusion, by the transporter proteins present in the plasma membrane.

J Clin Invest ; In the adult, it is expressed at highest levels in erythrocytes and also in the endothelial cells of barrier tissues such as the blood—brain barrier. Transport proteins Integral membrane proteins. Loss of weight restores GLUT 4 content in insulin-sensitive gkucosa of monosodium glutamate-treated obese mice.

Vestri S, Machado UF. J Biol Chem ; Is widely distributed in fetal tissues.

Glucose transporter – Wikipedia

Proceedings of a Symposium held in Prague, August 22—27, Cloning of a human cDNA with similarity to the sodium-glucose cotransporter. Retrieved from ” https: Crane presented for the first time his discovery of the sodium-glucose cotransport as the mechanism for intestinal glucose absorption.

J Cell Biol ; Is a high-affinity isoform, allowing it to transport even in times of low glucose concentrations. Glucose transporters are a wide group of membrane proteins that facilitate the transport of glucose across the plasma membrane. Immuno-localization of the insulin regulatable glucose transporter in brown adipose tissue of the rat. Usually produced only in hepatocytesin fasting conditions, other tissues such as the intestines, muscles, brain, and kidneys are able to produce glucose following activation of gluconeogenesis.


Abundant during stationary phase, sporulation and low glucose conditions. Expressed mostly in neurons where it is believed to be the main glucose transporter isoformand in the placenta. Whether mechanisms exist to promote cell-surface translocation of these transporters is not yet known, but it has clearly been established that insulin does not promote GLUT6 and GLUT8 cell-surface translocation.

Services on Demand Journal.

All three monosaccharides glucosegalactoseand fructose fe transported from the intestinal mucosal cell into the portal circulation by GLUT2. Jackowski S, Alix JH.

The effect of adipose cell size on the measurement of GLUT 4 in white adipose tissue of obese mice. American Journal of Physiology.

Transportador de glucosa – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

J Bacteriol ; Biochem J ; Decreased glucose transporter GLUT 4 content in insulin-sensitive tissues of obese aurothioglucose- and monosodium glutamate-treated mice. The inner and outer glucose-binding sites are, it seems, located in transmembrane segments tarnsportadores, 10, 11; [8] also, the DLS motif located in the seventh transmembrane segment could be involved in the selection and affinity of transported substrate.

Effect of the thermogenic agent BRL A. Nature Lond ; The Metabolic Basis of Inherited Diseases.