The original wiring schematics are included with the serial-number specific . Even though new Gordon Piatt burners were discontinued in , most parts. Quality replacement parts for Gordon-PiattĀ® burners. We stock blower wheels, cams, gas pilots, combustion heads, motors, electrodes, and other parts for your.

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Maybe its a solenoid issue or regulator problem? General Discussion Pro’s Forum: It is a low pressure system it has an amplifier and scanner not a rod i have check the ground and wire connections, I have been working on steam boilers for about three years we had four of our services guys grdon, and I don’t like to say no I have a combustion anylis Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Do you gorvon combustion analyzer?

All times are GMT Training and Education Pro’s Forum: Similar to a pilot turndown except honeywell has a test switch built into their control modules to do so. Uv scanner or flame rod? It has a honeywell series control. Is this a 3 phase unit? Building Science Discussions Pro’s Forum: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Make sure your gap is good on your ignitor.


Cici Boiler Rooms is a worldwide provider of Gordon-Piatt burner replacement parts.

Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Temp tech 77 liked this post. What are your fault code numbers? Originally Posted by bcharlesm Power Quality Pro’s Forum: There is not better place for the working men than the union!

If not your talking to one now. HVAC-Talk is proudly provided by: I would verify all the grounding next, as you do not have many more parts to change.

More important is the boiler low pressure, medium or high pressure? For safety reasons what is your background with steam boilers? Do you have a service manager you could talk too about this?

Specifications | Gordon-Piatt Parts

The time now is Bordon One Foggy Service Call I just wanted to make sure you understand steam can be dangerous. I can show you how to put a end to these nuisance trips just need more info. If your tripping on main flame as well then there may be other issues aside from these. Your pilot should be set to the lowest setting and still get ignition.


Is there a ground wire pulled into the burner from the electrical panel? I’m glad it is low pressure. It’s generally the last thing to fail intermittently.

Burner Manuals

Oil Burners Pro’s Forum: What is the model number of you burner so I can better understand. Make sure your pilot isn’t getting too much gas. If a flame safeguard fails it will be either all black no lights completely fried or it will say internal fault when you plug in your reader.

Last time I had intermittent faults like that, I found 5 wires that were not properly landed on the main terminal strip.

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