Burma Chronicles is the most enlightening and insightful book about life under the country’s brutal dictatorship in years, says Rory MacLean. Guy Delisle’s newest travelogue revolves around a year spent in Burma (also known as Myanmar) with his wife and son. Burma is notorious for. DeLisle’s (Pyongyang) latest exploration of Asian life is probably the best possible argument against the ruling junta in the embattled (and now.

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Burma Chronicles – Wikipedia

This is a very charming book, where Delisle manages to both lovingly describe a society that is alien to him often making himself the butt of the jokeswhile also showing several of the darker sides of the country and the situation it was in. Graphic novel hcronicles, Memoir.

So how is it, overall? Since Guy is an animator, he seeks out other graphic chrinicles whenever he visits a new country. His attention to details in some of the frames is really mind boggling. Mar 06, Tyska rated it liked it Shelves: View all 5 comments. Politics, of course, inevitably come into the mix, but when they do I felt so grounded by the “human” establishment that the politics had actual impact As well as following Delisle’s year in Rangoon, the book chronicles the difficulties the authorities make for foreign aid organisations.

Certain chapters are told without a single line of text, but in a series of very clear, vivid pictures.

Guy Delisle seems more accepting towards the local culture in Burma Chronicles than what he seemed to be in Pyongyang: Lots of insight on Burma culture and many cultural shocks from an obliterated country! With cool illustrations, quirky and delispe humor targeting the military chdonicles this book was published inprior chronixles the release of the democracy beacon, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all the little annoying things such as frequent electricity black-outs and even the hot weather of Yangon etc, ‘Burma Chronicles’ is an amazing read which will delight you even though it’s not deliske delightful pleasant stuffs cronicles you will learn about the brutal and oppressive activities of the military regime.


The rest of the chroniclrs is ‘the hot. Simply put, Burma Chronicles is the most enlightening and insightful book on Burma in years.

A few pages later, Delisle and the other white guy are stuck under a tree in a rural area, stranded in the rains. Jan 26, Nada Elfeituri rated it liked it Shelves: Just like in Pyongyang, I really appreciate the detail in his illustrations.

In the end, Delisle and his wife leave Burma. The fact that you take this incredible act of gallantry totally for granted.

An impressive and moving work of comics journalism from the author of Pyongyang and Shenzen. As a Westerner who doesn’t speak the native language, his main source of social contact comes from other expatriates, mostly people who work for nonprofit agencies. The cartoonist, his wife and son move to Myanmmar when his wife, who works for Doctors Without Borders, is posted there for a year.

Guy isn’t here to spout anti-Burmese government rhetoric, nor is he making a statement about colonialism, nor any other. Il disegno in copertina.

Reading: Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle

What I really enjoyed about this book is the Normally I don’t like to read about different countries, cultures and people through the eyes of a Western author, and this book confirms my rule.

Aung Saan Suu Kyi was still under house arrest. Cosa manca, almeno per me, rispetto alle Cronache da Gerusalemme? The dictatorial regime just serves as a background for this work.

While it’s amusing to read about, in a dark comedy sort of way, it fhronicles be tiresome for people who already live in these kinds of conditions.

Of course, this book immediately caught my eye while I was browsing the French section at Kinokuniya Bookstore. Along the way, he’s created four graphic travelogues on his sojourns in Gut Korea, China and now Burma.

And being about a country that many of us wouldn’t visit, Guy’s book gives us a unique insight into a country and people we only hear about vaguely in modern history books and sometimes in the news in reference to their government.


I don’t know man.

I’d always wondered about it. The attempt to insert the judgements and lessons learned in the work is permeating every time I try to get my hand on and they often left me a bit underwhelmed because their statement of “verified true story” while on the other side, there’s nothing much more than a person’s narrative.

It’s functionally served its own purpose. I need to try other graphic novels by this author to see if it was just this one or it is in everything written by this author. Aid workers, represented in by pictures and acronyms, wait and wait for travel passes to the destinations where the need is greatest.

Burma Chronicles : Guy Delisle :

Guy Delisle’s Burma book is definitely recommended. Anyway, Delisle is not a political writer, nor a journalist, but he adds a heck of a lot to our understanding nonetheless. Mar 26, Bogdan rated it really liked it. A friend mentioned to me how the book seems to be more a collection of little bits than an actual story — to the extent that a memoir would have a story in the first place.

With a lot of information and visuals to absorb, it took me three weeks to actually get this book read thoroughly and I’m happy picking it up at least. The material is presented in vignettes. It turned out to be so entertaining and gripping that I managed to finish it right at the aisle there within like forty minutes or something, standing and flipping the pages and suppressing my little chuckles.