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Firstly, the dominance-urge goads the dominance-seeker to project himself as the loftiest being. All the conquerors, heads of states, etc. Judging by the Koranic Law, the Prophet had no such option.

For Anwar Shaikh, the economist, see Anwar Shaikh economist. I have already discussed that man has been endowed with the Urge of Dominance, which motivates his behaviour to occupy the highest possible position in social and political hierarchies. Since every living thing perished except what Noah was able to save as a reward for his virtues, he ranks as the Hero of the Flood, the second progenitor of mankind and saviour of the fowl and the beast. Though God gives Isaac priority.

Allah guides whom He likes, and Muhammad is one of those lucky servants of Allah. Again, if the aim of Prophethood is to spread righteousness, then how can a righteous person be thrown into hell just for not acknowledging the Prophet?

These miracles, including many more, took place because it is claimed that Muhammad was a prophet before birth. However, the faithful have found ways of allotting entirely different islm to the words as suggested by their natural sense, and have, thus, sought refuge behind a mighty wall of self-deception with the help of far-fetched interpretations to prop up their faith, which cannot stand up to the te forces of reason. Mistaking them for ordinary males, men of the locality tried to seize them for lewd purposes.

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It is because if people could maintain their freedom, the dominance-seeker would not be able to impose his hegemony on them; dominance simply means maximisation of one’s own prerogative by the minimisation of other people’s rights. Imputing adultery to Aisha, was shaioh most dreadful act of Abdullah bin Ubayy.

Anwar Shaikh’s Islam, the Arab Imperialism – Anwar Shaikh – Google Books

One wonders why Allah thought it necessary to change the customary law of adoption that prevailed in Arabia at that time. Anwat fact that he also received it from his other daughter, proves his drinking habit. Mecca, Medina and Taif, enjoyed a high status owing to their grip on national trade and commerce. No man can change His words. He needed Allah’s help and guidance imperialidm go straight.

It makes unity easy for xhaikh the goal. He used the old principle of creating personal and family alliances through nuptial ties for political aims. Allah and His angels shower praises on the Prophet Muhammad. Once his divinity is established through plausibility and a sustained campaign of fairy tales, including violence, his dominance becomes as attractive to people as that of a burning lamp to the moths. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting.

Obviously, he had a religion before this event. This is what turned kingship into an institution, which could be termed as divine viceroyalty.

Now, let us examine the purpose of Muhammad’s Prophethood in the light of this discussion: Surely for the Godfearing believers awaits a place of security, gardens and vineyards paradise and maidens with swelling breasts, like of age, and a cup overflowing He prepared an altar of wood, tied up Isaac and laid him on it. This was his attitude when he was weak and politically a non-entity: Tge commences with free will.


For better comprehension of this statement, I ought to explain the concept of free will. Yet they believe that this imperlalism is the ambassador of 1. Islam has caused more damage to the national dignity and honour of non-Arab Muslims than any other calamity It is he who comes to hold the keys of paradise.

Anwar Shaikh

This is what prompts an enquiry into the Purpose of prophethood and one wants to know what a Prophet really wants. Instead of apologising to him, she told him that all Prophet’s wives spoke to him in the same manner. Hell is the most tormenting and terrible place SalvationXXV: If it was an act of trial, God surely did not know how Abraham would react to such a test.

Hakeem bin Hazzam bin Khawelid bought him for four hundred imperialismm on behalf of his aunt, Khadija bin Khawelid, who imperialims Muhammad and gave him Zaid as a gift.

Giving judgement on the moral perfection of Lot is a delicate matter but one ought to remember two things; firstly.

The cause of this situation was the Prophet’s inequitable treatment of his wives. This statement appears blasphemous but it happens to be the truth, which the Muslim scholars and divines are determined to hide, yet they call themselves “pious believers”.