Introduction to Jacquard. Jacquard shedding system was developed by Joseph Marie Jacquard (–) who was a French weaver and merchant. In case. Jacquard Machines. ▫ Jacquard shedding mechanisms are capable of producing large and intricate weave designs that are beyond the scope of dobby . The Jacquard machine is a device fitted to a power loom that simplifies the process of This mechanism is probably one of the most important weaving inventions as Jacquard shedding made possible the automatic production of unlimited.

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NPTEL :: Textile Engineering – Fabric Manufacture – I

The heddles with warp ends to be pulled up were manually selected by a second operator draw boyapart from the weaver. In this type of shedding, the heald shaft is raised and lowered by the tappet. The hooks are controlled by needles of one cranked eye and every needle is selected one hook in that pick.

Uneven shedding is caused by lifting one end of the heald shafts more than the other so the shuttle may move over some war p threads and fly out or get trapped in the shed.

Such fabrics may be referred as dobby cloths or dobby weave, towels usually show geometric designs when pattern is provided by dobby. Construction The tappet shaft carries another tappet which has a groove or track in which a bowl is placed. That shown at it is employed to raise the treadle; that is to depress the treadle. Several such paper cards, generally white in color, can be seen in the images below.


Being fulcrumed at one end, the front portion of the treadle moves down. It can be done easily, since the number of squares of the tracing paper equals the number of blocks of the design paper.

Note on shedding mechanism of single lift single cylinder jacquard – Textile Apex

By this time the griffe along with its knives descend to lower the warp threads to the bottom shed line for a fresh warp threads to the bottom shed line for a fresh selection of the hook at the next pick. Each hook can have multiple cords 5.

Mazharul Islam Kiron is a textile consultant and researcher on online business promotion. So for the upward movement of the knife the hooks also goes upward along with the warp threads to form the top line. Grid bar Dead weight. By combining perforated and un perforated places on the cards it is possible to exercise complete control over the raising and lowering of warp strands and to form a design on the fabric. Iacquard textile sectorthe jacquard is a shed or shedsing device which is placed on the top of the weaving loom for producing large figure patterns by using a very large no.

Electronic mechanism, Mechanical mechanism, Mechatronics mechanism. Explore to learn and share Jacquard shedding Dobby shedding Tappet shevding 1.

Jacquard loom

Pattern shdding or designs can be either created on the color monitor or images from any media can be scanned into the system. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Jacquard loom with punch card. Each Device is maintain the separate mechanism sjedding produce shed. The Jacquard machine subsequently evolved from this. Tappet shedding mechanisms produce the shed by using the reciprocating motion of the tappet.

However, electronic Jacquards are costly and may not be required in a factory weaving large batch sizes, and smaller designs.


The lowering of the heald frame is happens here by spring or jack lever. It consumes less power and gives greater output.

On the diagram to the right, the cards are fastened into a continuous chain 1 which passes over a square box. It can produce any shape of design. R O is the warp repeat of the Jacquard weave. It can be used for a large design which cannot be positive on tappet or dobby. Between the three cylinders a shaft is fulcrum in one side the upper cylinder moves as the anti clockwise and lower cylinder moves as the clock wise direction.

It can be used to jacqaurd more complicated weaves, such as diamond, diaper and some compound weaves. Here one set of knife with griffe controlled the hooks. The hook remains over the knife and at the next moment, the knife grasps it while going up, and lifts it.

For this example at B in Fig. Basic Principle of Jacquard Shedding: Later, the dobby was invented. We have to ensured the fault free shedding process in jacquard shedding mechanism.

The pulleys are specially tempered or made of steel in order to better resist the friction to which they are subjected. Some faults are involved in this mechanism. It can move heald shafts at great speeds.

In textile industryprinting is the process of applying color to the fabric in the particular desi