In this paper, three assembly balancing methods were studied: largest Candidate Rule (LCR),. Kilbridge and Wester (KWC), and Ranked Positional Weight. KILBRIDGE & WESTER METHOD. Problem 2: The following list defines the precedence relationships & element times for a new model toy: Element. 1. 2. 3. 4 . 5. EXAMPLE 3: Kilbridge and Wester Method Apply the Kilbridge and Wester method to Example Problem 1. ‘ TABLE 4: Work Elements Assigned to Stations.

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The cycle time must lie between 68 for one station to 10 min. Now, looking at the previous table, little readjustment it work element is possible if the cycle time is extended to 18 min.


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Our tutors will make sure that you achieve the highest grades for your industrial management assignments. Learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube with the easiest method. You have to memorize only 7 steps to fix a scrambled cube. What is Kilbridge And Wester Method? In this heuristic, work element is selected as per its position in precedence diagram.

Make a column I, in which include all work elements, which do not have a precedence work element. Make column II in which list all elements, which follow elements in column I.

Continue till all work element are exhausted. A feasible cycle time is selected. Number of stations would be:.

Assign the work elements in the work stations so that total station time is equal to or methood less than the cycle time. The possible combinations of primes 17, 2 and 2 of work content time 68 min are as follows:. Describe the differnce between data, knowledge, information and wisdom and give examples of each as Posted 8 days ago.


Posted 7 days ago. It is important for students to understand the integrated nature Posted 10 days ago. Discuss why corporate culture is such kipbridge important determinant of organisational success Posted 12 days ago. Can you use the QA strategies and techniques described in this chapter to deal with other problems, Posted 11 days ago.


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Number of stations would be: Repeat step 4 for unassigned work elements: Seven column initial assignment Now, selecting cycle time is equal to 18 seconds we follow the steps: