Taslima Nasrin, on account of her personal experience of childhood The female characters in Lajja: Kironmoyee, Maya, and Shammima. Lajja is the story of the Dutta family; Suranjan Dutta, a Bengali Hindu, lives in Dhaka with his father Sudhamoy, mother Kironmoyee, and sister. Last Published: Thu, Sep 25 09 01 PM IST. Taslima Nasrin. Lajja: By Taslima Nasrin, translated by Anchita Ghatak, Penguin Books India, pages.

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As nation is a geo-political entity, so is the body basrin the woman which is marauded, tortured and abused simply because the narrow nationalistic and fanatic mindset views it as an extension of the former thereby causing what has been discussed above as double marginalization of the women. When the Babri Masjid is demolished in AyodhyaIndia on 6 th December,the ripples are felt in Bangladesh too. To Suranjan, Bangladesh is his motherland; he was born here, got educated here, and made friends here.

A read for those who prefer non-fiction-alized read of historical narratives. Yb official history removes such gruesome details for suit their political agenda.

May 30, Arvind rated it liked it Shelves: After a while, the brain glazes over and refuses to absorb any more. The book was first published in in Bengali and was subsequently banned in Bangladesh. I ljja been looking forward to reading author Taslima Nasrin ‘s Lajja since a very long time, and once I read it, I realised why it is banned in Bangladesh, but appreciated all over the taelima.

This novel tells about the miserable lives of Hindus in Bangladesh. Hindus are like their slaves and have to hide their identity more often than not. The mindset of Muslim predators is explained in the story line.

All in all, she could have covered the whole topic in less than ten pages instead of writing a whole book. Thus, the gender extremism and religious fundamentalism go hand in hand throughout the text subjecting the female characters like Maya to inhuman torture until she dies.


Maybe I am just not the right audience. Seperti Suranjan yang tak punya pekerjaan, masih juga meminta uang dari ibu, bahkan adiknya. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nasrih, Maya, and Shammima Begum tawlima all compelled to behave as per the patriarchal norms, wherein Nasrin aims at highlighting the situation of women belonging to minority community of Hindus in Bangladesh, who had to go through a tough phase during the demolition of Babri Masjid in India.

Suranjan, their son, believes that nationalism will be stronger than communalism, but is progressively disappointed and finds himself adopting communal reactions which contrast entirely with the ideology of patriotism he has always had faith in. The society depicted in Lajjais deeply patriarchal. While it spiked communal unrest in India, immediate butterfly effect was visible somewhere else, someplace that shares the nastin secular values, at Bangladesh.

One must read it to understand the present and past of Indian subcontinent.

This article is about the novel. Namun kalau lebih diresapi, buku ini sebenarnya tidak menghina Islam. Being communists, the family did not believe in any religion whether Hindu or Muslim and humanity was the only religion for them.

Excerpt | Lajja – Livemint

Dec 13, Rishi Prakash rated it really liked it. Lajja telah diterjemahkan ke dalam 22 bahasa. But why was he unable to stand proud like Kemal? And the scariest part is, the relevance this book still holds, even after a decade of the pogrom, in a world we proudly call modern.

So they are not used to seeing that women can protest and are surprised if they do.

Lajja: Shame | Taslima Nasrin | Book Review

Kejadian-kejadian seperti yang ditulis Taslima Nasrin dapat terjadi dimanapun dengan agama apapun apabila pemeluknya bersikap fanatik berlebihan sehingga dapat menimbulkan pertumpahan darah dan mengorbankan rasa kemanusiaan Tak ada salahnya jika aku mengutip kata-kata K.


Terjadi kekacauan dan teror yang mengerikan sehingga umat Hindu banyak yang berimigrasi ke India dan Srilangka karena sudah merasa tidak aman di negaranya sendiri Taslima Nasrin bercerita dengan data yang detail sehingga seperti membaca sebuah berita dari koran dan agak mengerikan membaca kejadian-kejadiannya, sehingga mungkin inilah yang membuat beberapa pembaca muslim tersinggung.

Dan bahwa itu artinya Indonesia bukan hanya milik satu golongan atau satu agama saja, meski itu agama mayoritas rakyat di sini.

Ketidakadilan yang acapkali diterimanya tak lalu mengubahnya dari seorang humanis menjadi seorang komunalis yang membenci dan memusuhi kelompok lain. Sebuah peristiwa yang dinilai sebagai pelecehan ttaslima di suatu tempat bisa menyulut sentimen pemeluknya di tempat lain.

She only screamed to her mother for help saying: Will their motherland treat them as her children? Mereka berusaha menebarkan paham demokrasi dan anti komunal kpd orang2 disekitarnya walaupun apa yg mereka perjuangkan sering bersebrangan dengan orang kebanyakan yg cenderung pasrah karena mereka tidak punya kekuatan dan suara untuk menghentikan tiran negeri itu.

This book has a picture of woman on both sides which sometimes misguides that this book is about the women in Bangladesh, but its not. However, he found the idea embarrassing.

Kironmoyee invests all her resources, monetary and mental, in keeping her family together. Lajja is not a book that can be read and kept in your closet, it’s a reminder that needs to looked into before it’s too late. By and large, it is at the cost of the family that a woman is conditioned to subdue her desires and fit into the socio-cultural framework. Crude oil prices to direct sugar prices in He longed for a cup of tea.