Interlanguage theory is generally credited to Larry Selinker, an American professor of applied linguistics, whose article “Interlanguage”. INTERLANGUAGE. Larry Selinker. Published Online: | DOI: https:// ยท total citations on Dimensions. Selinker-Interlanguage – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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University language centres, self-access learning and learner autonomy. In other words, they are systematic and bound by rules in the same manner as any other language.

Volume 53 Issue 4 Novpp. See all formats and pricing. A Study of Relations. Classroom foreign language learning and language variation: Volume 44 Issue 3 Novpp. How a deaf boy gamed his way to second-language acquisition: Larry Selinker is professor emeritus of linguistics at the University of Michiganand former director of the university’s English Language Institute.

The variable development of English word-final stops by Brazilian Portuguese speakers: First-language decline in healthy aging: Linguistic Systems and Linguistic Change in an Interlanguage. Translanguaging and the multilingual turn: Exploring muy and bien in Spain and Mexico. From to he was a Lqrry scholar at the University of Edinburghwhere he researched the psycholinguistics of second-language acquisition. Volume 54 Issue 4 Novpp. Retrieved from ” https: It can ” fossilize “, or cease developing, in any of its developmental stages.

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Acquiring authority through the acquisition of genre: These chunks are often not immediately obvious to the learner or anyone that listens to them speak, but may be noticed as the learner’s L2 system becomes more developed and they use the interlanfuage in a context where it does not apply.

Volume 31 Issue 4 Janpp. The concise encyclopedia of applied linguistics.

International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching

Research in the s: The bilingual is not two monolinguals in one person. The dilemma of standard English in Zambia: Inrerlanguage linguistics and the Quirk Concern. Acquiring intensifier variation abroad: Language aptitude for pronunciation in advanced second language L2 Learners: As their knowledge of tense in English expanded, this disrupted their correct usage of the morpheme.

A learner may produce a target-like variant e. Intonation in English, French and German: Articulation and phonation in non-native English: Volume 9 Issue 2 Janpp. Variation and the Interlanguage Hypothesis. Literacy and second language oracy.

Interlanguage – Wikipedia

Accommodation and hyperaccommodation in foreign language learners: The difference is mostly one of variability, as a learner’s interlanguage is spoken only by the learner and changes frequently as they become more proficient in the language.


Adult Learning and Language Simplification. This theory assumed that learners’ errors were caused by the difference between their L1 and L2. The effect of audience age on measured written performance. A self-paced reading experiment with Brazilian learners.

Volume 35 Issue 1 Interlanyuagepp. After completing his PhD, Selinker moved to the University of Washingtonwhere he became assistant professor of linguistics and director of English for foreign students from to The talented language learner: Volume 41 Issue 4 Novpp.


Aptitude from an information-processing perspective. SLR today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Near nativeness and stylistic lexical competence in Swedish of first and second generation Finnish immigrants to Sweden. Fossilisation contre emploi du moniteur.

He received his M. It can also occur when a learner succeeds in conveying messages with their current L2 knowledge. Selinker noted that in a given situation the utterances produced by the learner are different from those native speakers would produce had they attempted to convey the same meaning.