Instructional DVD on combat with the Messer (or Long Knife) according to the teachings of fencing master and priest Johannes Lecküchner. Inspired in the popular Langes Messer from s. XV, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a. Leckuchner created his manual in the Grand Tradition of Lichtenauer’s Zettel, so he holds pretty close in both his format and techniques.

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If you want to take revenge And break the right with the left If you have leaped with the right to the left in defense You can come with the right to help the left.

And let your right hand go from the bind and go with the right hand or arm from above downwards through his right one and lock your right arm over his right one and go with the right one to his left one under his left one to your left hand and leap with the right foot in front of his left one and throw him over it with strength.

And when you want to do it, so that he must run quickly or slowly-thus, he must do it. Item den durchwechsel treib Allso Wann du mit dem zufechten zu dem Mann kumpst. If he wants to roughly, etc. These are the six elements and are the main elements, as you will see afterwards. Das soltu alzo versten hawt er dir zu dem gesich als Eegemelt ist ode[r] will dich dar eyn stech[e]n so pleyb alzo sten vnd stich In mit dem lang[e]n ortt mit gestrackt[e]m arm[e] In das angesicht So kann er dich mit seyne[m] haw nicht erlang[e]n [etc].

Shoot right with pulling You should press the arm over the Messer. From the left let shoot long to the right Wind, thrust, it will annoy him. Then, perform the other bowing this way: If he strikes the Wecker from the left and wants to save the point Let the point go down directly, thrust at the throat Here the master teaches a breaking against the changing through from the Wecker, if he wants to do the Wecker from his left side to your right side, and speaks: Weck vff behind Den ortt zu gesicht wind Wer mit schritten wol wicket Vil haulb er sere strecket.

Then, do it this way: If he wants to do the mutating to the right Wind in the hanging point and you should be guarded.


Then, if he has grabbed you with the hilt as before, and wants to do the sun showing, go with your Messer under his both arms to your left side, so that the point goes outside behind, and assume the armed hand, and go high with the hilt and with the right arm.

Here the master teaches a breaking against the mutating and says: Here the master teaches how one should break the mutating on the left side and speaks: Ich sag dir fur war. If he stands in the Luginsland, strike from your right shoulder with the stretched arm long to him with the long edge.

If he want to hit the shoulder You should discourage the elbow.

Messer Leckuchner

Or, thrust, cut or do what you want. Here the master states an element against the taking over and a breaking and speaks: If he has clenched you And he entangles you with pressing You should lower your Messer And learn to swing firmly to the left.

Ob er tast, Und gegen nack druckt fast, Den rechten armen uberschlag, Pey dem oelpogen nymb dy wag. Here the master speaks about the cuts and their peculiarities, and states that they are four. Or, if he defends firmly, grab with meseer right hand from above at his right shoulder and acquire the balance on him, so that you can lead, throw, strike, hold or force him as you wish.

Hie lertt der meiste[r] ein pruch wid[e]r den ee gemelt[e]n pruch vnd spricht alzo will flech [etc] Das soltu alzo verstan So du abneme[n] pist Im messe[r] stet er alzo still mit dem messe[r] vnd lest dich ab neme[n] indes felt er mit der flech seines messers auff das dein vnd will dich zu dem kopff schlag[e]n indes windt auff geg[e]n seine[m] messe[r] auff sein rechte seitt[e]n So ruerstu In an das haubt wie vnd[e]n gemalt stet [etc]. Indes lasz dein duseggen auf dein lincken Achsel fallen.

Hie lertt der meiste[r] Das dw Im zuuecht[e]n So dw zu messwr man kumbst soltu nicht dem ma[n] nach dem messer hawen Sunder dw solt dich fleyssig reme[n] der vier zinne[n]. Here the master speaks about the element that is called the wheel and speaks: Item truckh Im sein Duseggen beyseitz.

DVD – The Messer of Johannes Lecküchner

Or, pull downwards with your Messer, as you have heard before. Do it in all the hittings of the Messer. Saend [33] [34] Das der meze[r] der kunst setz Ein wider pruch wider den Eegemelt[e]n pruch vnd spricht kurtz schnel schlecht er [etc] das soltu also verstan Gett er mit hang[e]ntt[e]m messer auf deyn lincke seytt[e]n vnd will dich mit der kurtz[e]n schneyd[e]n auff deyn kopff schlag[e]n So fall Indes schnel In dy gewappendt handt vnd stich Im zu dem gesicht ode[r] prust vnd Gee vast nohend zu Im [etc].


Wiltu dann so magstu duplieren zu seinner rechten seitten. Aim your point at his face or body and thrust at his chest or face. Then, press and pull firmly to your right side, and step with your left foot in front of his right one.

Then, if you come to the man, shoot the long point directly to his face, so that the thumb is above. Changing through to the left, etc.

If you want to break the taking away with the flat of the Messer Wind in the leckchnre if you want to take revenge. Here the master teaches a skillful holding and element, and as you fall on your arse while doing the element, you can hold the man so that he cannot stand up. If he wants to hurt you with taking away Learn to set the point to the face in the right way. Here the master teaches the break against the Zornhau Ort, and the text states: Item das nach Ist Wann er kumpt mit der arbait oder mit dem haw dann du.

Item mer ain Pruch. Then, if you want to do the feint to the right, do this way: To the right with the point, etc.

Messer Leckuchner – BlackFencer

Then, the fourth bowing is to be done on the left side, and do it this way: Das soltu alzo versten will er auff elckchner mit dem pog[e]n vnd versetz[e]n dy nachraysen Indes windt vbe[r] sein messe[r] leckfhner sein rechte seytt[e]n vnd stich Im mit dem ortt nach dem recht[e]n wang seyne[r] recht[e]n seytt[e]n [etc].

Item heb dein duseggen Ann deinner lincken seitten. And do not strike to the Messer, as you were taught before. And you should understand it this way: This way he is taken levkchner with the empty hand.

And first about the four stances in the Messer, which one can consider and defend himself from them with the rightful art. What is turned against you The Zornhau point break it well If you want to ashame him Learn to take away on the Messer.