Maharani Jindan Kaur’s life – much of which was spent raging against the British empire for cheating her out of the Punjab, then a vast country. Maharani Jindan Kaur. Jinda Kaur was the beautiful of the daughter of the Royal Palace Kennel Keeper, Manna Singh. She came to the attention of Maharajah. LONDON: An emerald and seed-pearl necklace owned by Maharani Jindan Kaur , the wife of Sikh emperor Maharaja Ranjit Singh, has sold for.

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She took control of the government with the approval of the army and cast off her veil. When Ranjit Singh finally breathed his last, four of his other living wives and seven of his slave girls were taken along to the funeral and immolated with the corpse.

After the war the British rewarded the leaders who had helped them, including Tej Singh. The Sikhs lost the war, due, they claimed, to the treachery of their commander-in-chief, Raja Tej Singh, who failed to attack when the Jaharani were at his mercy during the battle of Ferozeshah and later sank the Sikh bridge of boats in the battle of Sobraon.

A mahqrani later she escaped from the Chunar Fort, disguised as a servant, and travelled through miles of forest to ask for sanctuary in Nepal. Really more like a dungeon than a tomb. The hotel was surrounded by thousands of armed Sikhs and the Governor-General, Lord Canningrequested Duleep Singh, as a favour, to leave for England with his mother by the next boat. During her rule as regent, Jindan waged two disastrous wars against the British that led to the annexation of the Punjab.

And then there was the prophesy that should the diamond return to jondan homeland all foreign invaders would uindan cast out. Who could love a man to that extent?

She even began to puff on a pipe, refusing to eat a thing that was offered, but bringing out her own little pouches and nibbling on what appeared to be birdseed! These arrived at Lancaster Gate just before the Maharani returned Lady Login’s visit, and her delight was so great that “she forthwith decorated herself, and her attendants, with an assortment of the most wonderful necklaces and earrings, strings of lovely pearls and emeralds”to wear during the visit.

She was a heroic figure and was well-documented by the British. He was received with honour but was persuaded to return to his estates by the army and a promise of an increase in his jagir. Jindan Kaur was the Indian queen whose body lay, for a little while, in the catacombs of Kensal Green: At first the new wazir, Hira Singh, took little notice of the young Maharaja and his mother.


In terms of what that leaves young British Punjabi Sikh or south Asian girls as role models, it is not exactly aspirational. In the early days of Islam, Ayesha Aishahthe prophet Muhammed’s wife, rode at the head of an army against Khalif Ali, whom she felt was usurping her late husband’s authority.

The Muslim ruler of neighbouring Afghanistan, Dost Mohammad Khanprotested that such treatment is objectionable to all creeds. However, the diamond never found its way back to India again. Related Turbans, jackets and angavastrams: The poor woman, so encumbered However, shortly afterwards Duleep Singh commissioned Pundit Nehemiah Goreh to visit Kathmandu on his behalf and find out how his mother was managing.

Attempts were made to arrange a separate establishment for her on the estate, but she was determined not to be separated from her son. She had heard tales of the Maharani’s beauty and influence and strength of will and was curious to meet the woman who had wielded such power.

Any more than a dip In the Ganges will send. And perhaps that fact mzharani influenced the Governor General, Dalhousie, who showed no mercy to the queen when the British defeated her armies at the end of the Second Anglo Sikh war, when she was removed from her only child, dragged away by her hair and screaming, holding her hands out towards him.

Such a claustrophobic stillness. Such an appeal did at last prevail. Maharani Jind Kaur Punjabi: My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. According to our customs, we are constrained, as a matter of conscience, to appeal to the country for protection, and beg that you will jinadn allow us a place in your spirited journal to enter a public protest maaharani the intended desecration.

They decided to separate mother and son. She was a firebrand, recognised in Indian history books, but became better known through the media.

How Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s wife escaped British prison and led two wars against them

This is despite the fact that much of what is known about her is “through the words of the British, who regarded her as a threat to their power in India and therefore did their best to make her reputation as bad as possible”. Army pay was increased.


At the time several Sikh regiments were returning home via Calcutta at the end of the Chinese war. The Indians call it sati. Her revolt began when her husband, the last Maharaja of the Punjab, died of a stroke in and the British tried to wrest the kingdom from the heir to the throne, her infant son, Duleep Singh. She wrote of his beauty: Never miss a great news story! It is hard, then, that her Highness should be deprived of the offices that the meanest claim and receive throughout the civilized globe – and that we should be refused the consolation of discharging the last sad duty for our mistress, that is the right of all.

That area was annexed to British rule in the year ofat the end of the second Anglo Sikh war, when the boy maharajah, eleven years old, was deposed from his golden throne.

She was later transferred to Ferozepur and after the annexation of the Punjab she was shifted to Fort Chunar but on the 18 April of that year she escaped disguised as a slave girl, and arrived at Kathmandu ten days later, under the protection of the Nepalese Government. Queen Victoria often wore that stone, set as a brooch upon her heart.

Maharani Jind Kaur

There are not a lot of documented women in Sikh history. Duleep Singh then decided to go himself, using the pretext of a tiger shoot in Bengal. Agreeably to our rules, the body ought to be burnt and the ashes given to the Ganges. Couldn’t the example of Maharani Jindan give me the inspiration to make sense of my present day-to-day life?

All of them were taking her counsel. Retrieved 4 October She held court, transacted State business in public and reviewed and addressed the troops.

Jind Kaur’s wishes to be cremated in Lahore had been denied by British authorities. Reiterating our protest in the name of the friends and relations of her Highness the Maharani of the Sikhs, in general, both here and abroad, and in the interests of civil and religious liberty.