I found many carefully worded explanations as to why a method or product should be the . He calls the combination of the two exercises the “Maliniak Method”. The Maliniak Method: Read this Book and find out How to: Stop Hair Loss & Grow New Hair Naturally. No Drugs. No Lotions. No Surgery. A Book From Born. Those of you who have been following the MALINIAK METHOD on the world’s biggest forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB or who have reading these blogs know.

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Unfortunately there is no guaranteed cure for male and female pattern baldness and that includes my suggested method.

A really obvious observation that could back up this theory: I do not avoid malinlak of them because I have complete confidence in the comprehensive nature of my theory and it gives me the opportunity to defend it, expand it and add further elaborations.

Share This Page Tweet. May 12, Messages: It is best to avoid taking mthod hair loss remedy until we have done everything possible to achieve optimum health. If you are interested in my regimen and want tangible photographic proof of my results at the 6-month mark, please see the immortal hair link in the comment box in any of my three YouTube videos.

His link is on my Reviews Page. You can also click on this link and go to pg Read about it at http: Please understand that I jethod an engineer and not a medical practitioner and the information given is my personal view, grown out of years of association with the subject.

Idk if he has studies to back it up, but sometimes just because a scientific study hasn’t been done doesn’t mean that it’s not true. He really put a lot of work into it.

Maliniak Method | HairLossTalk Forums

He has another theory, although i don’t know what it is off the top of my head no pun intended Okay i have to go. We have a hard time understanding the causes underlying the many forms of stress we experience, as they are governed mainly by our subconscious mind. As we age our skin starts to lose its fat and sags due to gravity which is why on some old people the skin seems to hang on like a ill-fitting cloth. Again, go to http: We all know that our bodies need some exercise.


For me it ties up the questions since the SE theory explains exactly why some go bald in a certain way, and to what extent. Is there any evidence too show massaging the scalp improves hairs? For me this helps to confirm the theory because the higher areas would grow first, directly putting pressure on the galea, then soon after the lower area would follow, eventually tightening the whole galea, eventually thinning the entire region into the round bald spot.

This method like all other treatments, only works if you still have living follicles: Your name or email address: Now according to SE theory, that thinning started because the underlying bone began to remodel and subsequently grow a little larger based on the skull shape in that region. May 4, Messages: It seems that this simple reasoning has been lost by the many theories about hair loss.

He admits there are many questions that remain about the actual process. You are truly an inspiration of perseverance and hard work! Do not waste any more time and money with the OLD failed technology.

The deliberate ignorance of the galea is pretty logical in fact. Some of the experiences from the very young men are especially dramatic and fast. Why does remnant hair sometimes exist last long after baldness has developed? Those people who don’t agree with the LOGIC of this theory will NOT buy the book and use the method and continue to have hair loss and not regrow their hair.

Tell me what to do and I will do it. Each step is progressively more challenging. He offers a money back guarantee, plus the transaction is through paypal, so if its trash it’ll metyod pretty easy to get my money back maluniak did the same thing before when i bought a book that ripped off the skull expansion theory. A Final Note I am aware of the controversy about diet and lifestyle in connection with hair loss. Not that I recall.


I won’t write a million emails to you now as I guess the logical step would be to buy your ebook if i wanted to know more about your position on male pattern baldness. Therefore mtehod must decide for yourself what you need to do based on good judgment without being swayed by commercial hype.

So if it works, then it could potentially help a lot of people whose hair loss is just starting. Hey Leon, Keep up the good work! The question of whether the galea does tighten would be a nice solid answer to have. These are only visible under high magnification, malinoak that the dormant follicles are unclogging themselves from excessive sebum, as described in my article on Electrotherapy.

The last step being more of mapiniak suggestion than a sole contributor. Aug 2, Messages: You can do all this at home with or without fitness equipment. Always massage when the skin is perfectly dry, never nethod showering. The SE theory states that certain skull shapes will continue to grow slightly into adult life, acting on the underlying tissue and “suffocating” the overlying hair follicles. He says that there is evidence that many follicles from non balding areas do eventually thin out on top of the scalp, but it takes them longer because they’re coming from a galea free region mallniak were not “clogged” with accumulated DHT that’s his second big hypothesis seemingly.

Maliniak Method

But to clarify and understand your question correctly, I believe that you are saying that transplants continue their “thinning evolution” even when they are moved to other areas regardless of whether or not they are located in areas malimiak edema and poor blood supply etc.

This does not mean it must be ignored. Read all about it at WWW.

The third maliniaj to avoid large doses of vitamin A and a specific ingredient called SLS i think in shampoo. Massage the area to be treated in small circular movements to ensure even coverage.